Between direct expulsion and voluntary return… The refugee file is the focus of a heated debate in Turkey’s presidencies


The refugee file in Turkey is the focus of a major debate in the second round of the Turkish presidential elections, between the opposition People’s Alliance and the ruling People’s Alliance.

While the opposition vowed to deport the refugees within a year if it won power, the ruling public coalition promised their voluntary and safe return.

Between the two speeches, the refugees live in a state of anticipation to know their fate, as nothing occupies them today more than elections in which they have no voice.

“When I come to power, I will send 10 million refugees back to their country,” says opposition candidate Kemal Kilicdaroglu. Kligdar has intensified his rhetoric towards the refugees and confirmed his intention to expel them if he came to power.

This rhetoric prompted some politicians to resign from the pro-Kilijdar coalition, saying it was an insult to refugees in Turkey.

As for President Erdogan, he considers that the expulsion of refugees is inhumane and not Islamic. The approach of the coalition led by Erdogan is based on developing a plan for the voluntary return of Syrians to safe areas, and keeping the qualified ones among them.

More details in the attached report from Al Jazeera.

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