China: We are ready to “crush” any form of Taiwan secession

China’s military announced Tuesday that it is ready to “crush” any form of secession in Taiwan, at a time when the United States is preparing a deal to sell defense weapons and provide other military aid to the island.

A spokesman for the Chinese Defense Ministry, Colonel Tan, saw how what he described as the recent escalation in relations between the US and Taiwanese armies is a very dangerous and wrong step.

He added that the Chinese People’s Liberation Army continues to enhance military training and preparations and will certainly crush any form of Taiwan secession as well as attempts to outside interference. In reference to the United States, Taiwan’s closest ally, according to the Anatolia News Agency.

The Chinese spokesman’s statement came in response to a journalist’s question about reports that US President Joe Biden is preparing to approve the sale of $500 million worth of weapons to Taiwan, in addition to sending more than 100 military experts to evaluate training methods and make suggestions to improve the island’s defenses.

Taiwan enjoys strong bipartisan support, which has called on President Joe Biden’s administration to continue sending nearly $19 billion in military aid to Taiwan that has been approved but not yet delivered to the island.

It is noteworthy that China considers Taiwan part of its territory, and believes that it should be subjected to its control by force if necessary.

Chinese criticism of Britain

On the other hand, a spokesman for the Chinese embassy in London on Tuesday criticized the visit of former British Prime Minister Liz Terrace to Taiwan, describing it as “a dangerous political show that will only harm the United Kingdom.”

“We call on the concerned British politician to correct her mistake and stop showing off politically on the Taiwan issue, as well as stop colluding with and supporting the separatist Taiwan independence forces,” the spokesman added – in a statement posted on the embassy’s website.

It is noteworthy that Terrace is the most famous British politician to visit Taiwan since the visit of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in the 1990s, and her trip comes while British-Chinese relations are going through their worst period in decades, according to Reuters news agency comment.

Terrace represents a wing of the ruling Conservative Party that opposes the British government’s approach to China, which includes seeking cooperation with it in areas such as trade and climate change, while trying to reduce the threat to national security.

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