Dead and missing as a result of a hurricane in southern Brazil


Eleven people were killed and 20 others were missing in a hurricane that hit the far south of Brazil on Thursday and Friday, according to the local government.

The government of the southern state of Rio Grande, bordering Uruguay and Argentina, said in a statement that the civil defense service in the state had confirmed “the death of 11 people as a result of the hurricane.”

The statement added that “18 people are still missing in Kara, and two others in Tres Forquelias,” located in the east of the affected area.

In a precautionary measure, 602 people were evacuated from high-risk areas, and a total of 2,330 homes were damaged by the hurricane.

On Saturday, state governor Eduardo Leite visited the worst-hit areas by helicopter. In Kara, a social center was transformed into a hostel to receive hundreds of affected people.

“The situation in Kara is of great concern to us,” Leyte said in the government statement. “It is critical that we can quickly survey the main affected areas and identify those that need assistance.”

He explained that relief teams in the state have so far helped 2,400 people in the areas affected by the hurricane.

“Our main goal is first to protect and save lives, as well as to provide relief to isolated people, to locate the missing and to help families,” Leite stressed.


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Dead and missing as a result of a hurricane in southern Brazil

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