Despite his appreciation and being considered the best player in history.. Why didn’t Guardiola include Messi to Manchester City?


Spain’s Pep Guardiola (Manchester City coach) returns the reasons for his success, to “good players … that Messi was in the past, and Haaland now. And I’m not kidding, it’s the truth.”

The philosopher coach is preparing to face tomorrow: Inter Milan in the Champions League final, which Pep did not know the taste of winning except with the Argentine magician.

The former Barcelona coach won the title of the mother continental competition as a coach in 2009 and 2011 with Messi in the ranks of “Barca”. He will play his second final on the bench in Manchester City, with Haaland as the number one offensive weapon.

Returning to the “flea” relationship with Guardiola, the latter’s statements about the captain of the Argentine national team were all praise, admiration and appreciation, considering him to be the best player in the history of the game, and that there is no player who can approach his footballing stature, and that he can play in all positions and has the ability to carry the team. on his shoulders.

But the “million dollar” question, why didn’t Guardiola try to sign Messi in 2021 when he left Barcelona, ​​or these days when he left Saint-Germain?

Some question Guardiola’s ability to win the main continental title tomorrow, arguing that this Spanish coach never conquered Europe without Messi, then entered into continental lean years after moving to Bayern Munich and then “City”.

But Guardiola’s failure to win the Champions League does not diminish his genius or stature, as Messi was said to be “the best player in history even if he did not win the World Cup.”

Guardiola won more than 30 titles as a coach, and experts believe that it is enough to confirm that he is the best coach in the world.

After this “continental sterility”, “City” itself spent much of the past decade wondering about Messi and whether he could be persuaded to come to Al-Ittihad, even before Guardiola arrived at “City” and the possibility was seriously on the table, but it was Jorge (Messi’s father) He raises a banner that reads “No Approachable” and that the young genius will end his football career at the “Camp Nou”, and this is the dream of Messi and his family.

Suddenly, the dream turned into a nightmare, and the relationship between the player and the club collapsed in 2021. This season, “City” failed to sign the English star and scorer Harry Kane, and the way was open for “City” to sign the Argentine star because Guardiola needed him not only on an emotional level. To reconnect what was cut off, but also at the football level and score goals.

Surprisingly, the “Citizens” team, which the reports considered – in addition to Saint-Germain – the most likely to contract with the “Bulga”, but the English team did not even make an offer for the player to join him, and considered that the matter did not concern him to leave Messi to Saint-Germain.

However, what Messi presented with the Parisian team confirmed the correctness of Guardiola’s decision, so he seemed like the ghost of “Messi Barcelona” and had it not been for the level he presented in the World Cup and his leadership of the “Tango” team to win the “Qatar 2022” World Cup, Messi would have been in the end of football.

If Guardiola had contracted with Messi, he would have to make a team that serves the “flea” – as happened in his country’s national team – and not the other way around. But Guardiola put his heart in a refrigerator and built a strong young team that dominates English football and is motivated to invade Europe starting tomorrow.

And there was a possibility that Messi would give the addition, but in the manner and requirements that Guardiola wanted, changing him in the starting lineup frequently, and sitting many star players on the bench would be an adventure with uncertain results for a coach who sets fairy standards for any player he includes for his team.


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Despite his appreciation and being considered the best player in history.. Why didn’t Guardiola include Messi to Manchester City?

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