Google Pixel 7a phone .. features and specifications


The external designs of Google phones are distinguished from other Android phones by the wide and eye-catching camera bar, however, the user must carefully look closely to identify the differences between the current luxury “Pixel 7 Pro” model from Google, and the middle-class “Pixel” version. 7a (Pixel 7a).

Bright OLED screen

The new “Pixel 7a” version comes in a slightly smaller size and has a 6.1-inch OLED screen, which is bright enough to watch videos on the go, colors appear very realistic as well as high contrast, and the edges of the screen come in a slightly wider size One of the luxurious Pixel models, but it does not disturb the user during daily use.

The refresh rate of the image is 90 Hz, and although this value is not high, it is sufficient to not cause blurring of the image while scrolling in a web browser, and the screen responds less smoothly when the power saving mode is on; Because the image activation rate is reduced to 60 Hz.

main processor

As for the main processor, the American company relied on the same recipe that it followed in the “Pixel 7a” last year, as this phone relies on the same processor available in the luxury models, which is the “Tensor-G2” taken from the “Tensor-G2″ model. Pixel 7” with the same memory and RAM setup.

Thanks to this advanced equipment, the smartphone “Pixel 7a” works faster and more efficiently than many competing models in the mid-range, even in terms of performance with the models of the luxury category, even if it does not come close to the same efficiency as the Qualcomm processor “+ Snapdragon 8” (Snapdragon 8+).

Therefore, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 phones are faster than the Google phone, in addition to that the iPhone 12, 13 and 14 phones provide stronger performance, but all of these models are of course more expensive than the “Google Pixel 7a” device.

The efficiency of the processor appears clearly when using the smartphone in photography or image editing. Under good lighting conditions, the user takes great pictures with true-to-life colors with a consistent balance between bright and dark bands, and the processor’s functionality also appears in the details of portrait and subject images.

People try out Google's Pixel 2 phones during a launch event in San Francisco, California, US October 4, 2017. REUTERS/Stephen Lam
The “Pixel 7a” smartphone does not rely on an optically telephoto camera, but relies on a digital telephoto (Reuters)

artificial intelligence

However, the images are not as vivid as some Samsung phones, and when the night mode is turned on, the Pixel 7a reduces image noise using artificial intelligence to improve imaging results.

Artificial intelligence also contributes to restoring clarity to blurred shots or displaying different skin tones in a natural way, in addition to the availability of the “Magic Eraser” digital eraser function, which allows the user to remove image elements with a finger click, in addition to the ability to hide unwanted banners. or power lines or people from the image smoothly.

The Pixel 7a smartphone does not include an optical telephoto camera, but it relies on a digital telephoto, and this function works very well with 2x zoom, and when you zoom in further, the image quality decreases. Despite all the development in the Pixel 7a, a true optical zoom camera cannot be replaced by software alone.

Although the selfie camera has a resolution of 13 megapixels, and the imaging results appear very convincing, it is not recommended to use the “face retouch” function that removes wrinkles and skin imperfections, because the results look unnatural at all.

The quality of the video recordings with the Pixel 7a is not as good as the iPhone, but for its price, this quality looks great. Where the Google Pixel 7a phone allows the user to record 4K video with great dynamic range, and of course one cannot ask for more than that from a mid-range phone.

registrar application

The recorder app works with unparalleled quality, and it is not limited to the Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro phones, it also works on the Pixel 7a smartphone, and this application records the spoken speech in an audio file, and it can convert the speech into text in real time.

The importance of this application is not limited to journalists during long press interviews, but also benefits students in university lecture halls or while working when holding long meetings, and saves employees from tedious writing operations.

Google - Samsung
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 phones are faster than Google phones due to the type of processor (Google)

battery runtime

The strengths of the Pixel 7a smartphone also appear through the battery life, which has a capacity of 4385 mAh, which is slightly larger than the battery capacity of the Google Pixel 7a phone.

This can be seen when playing videos stored on the phone, as the battery life reaches more than 17 hours, and when playing broadcasts on YouTube, the Pixel 7a smartphone battery lasts up to 22 hours.

There are only a few models in this category that can exceed these values, such as the Samsung Galaxy.

And when playing 3D games on the “Google Pixel 7a” phone, the battery life drops to 10 hours, which is also a good value.

Unlike the previous “Pixel 6a” model, the new “Pixel 7a” phone provides the wireless charging function, with the traditional charging function available via the “USB-C” port with a capacity of 23 watts.


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Google Pixel 7a phone .. features and specifications

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