He fell from the second floor.. What is the story of the skilled Yemeni pharmacist who lives in the body of a young child?

The story of the young man, Hael Al-Sudi, sparked controversy among the pioneers of social networking sites in Yemen, as he had suffered an accident from falling from the second floor when he was a child, and a defect occurred in the pituitary gland hormones that affected his physical growth, and although he is now 32 years old, but whoever sees him believes He was only 12 years old.

And the “Shabakat” program (24/5/2023) continued the story of this young man, whose intellectual abilities were not affected by the incident at all, as he graduated with distinction from the Faculty of Pharmacy with a very good average in 2018, and now practices the profession of pharmacy, dispenses prescriptions to customers and is licensed to practice the profession.

Al-Sudi is characterized by a cheerful personality, a sense of humor, and a spontaneous and spontaneous spirit. He possesses multiple skills, and has accounts on communication platforms. More than 800,000 people follow him on TikTok, and he is distinguished by a beautiful voice in singing and has millions of views. He also sings at weddings and events. .

Yemenis interacted with the story of the young man, Hayel Al-Sudi, as the activist Mohammed believed that the focus should be on a person’s capabilities rather than his appearance, saying: “We must all accept extraordinary people with respect and appreciation, and focus on their capabilities and qualifications instead of looking at their shape or physical condition.”

In turn, tweeter Muhammad Saleh stressed that the services that Al-Sudi provides to society are more important than his chronological age, and wrote that “his mental age is more important than his chronological age, and he is now doing work that requires mental abilities … gives him wellness.”

As for the activist Abu Ayman, he commented: “I mean, the growth of his body was affected, but the growth of his mind was not affected.. Glory be to God, He takes something from you and compensates you with things.”

For his part, an account calling himself “Yemeni Tweeting” pointed out that the young man could have received appropriate treatment after the accident, explaining that “he had an opportunity to treat him before he reached the age of twenty, but unfortunately the lack of awareness and cooperation in Yemen missed this opportunity.”

It is noteworthy that the pituitary gland secretes the most important hormones in the human body, the most important of which is the growth hormone, and the inactivity of the functions of the pituitary gland may affect the growth of the child, and its hyperactivity may lead to the exact opposite, and lead to gigantism or precipitation.

In an interview with the “Shabakat” program, Al-Soudi said that he is exposed to many strange and funny situations, noting that some customers who frequent the pharmacy refuse to deal with him as a pharmacist who dispenses prescriptions for them, believing that he is just a child, which forces him to keep his university degree with him throughout. time and show it to customers when needed.

Al-Sudi affirms that he praises God for his health, and never complains about it, because God is a judge in everything.

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