He won 16 titles with the team in 7 years. How did Tunisian Ali Maaloul become an icon in the history of Al-Ahly?


Tunisia– When the Ethiopian referee, Emlak Tessema, blew the whistle at the end of the match between Wydad Casablanca of Morocco and Al-Ahly of Egypt in the second leg of the CAF Champions League final, announcing that the latter had won the 11th title in its history, the players of the red giant entered into a wave of celebrations, while their colleague Ali Maaloul succumbed to a bout of crying. In front of thousands of fans, who have been chanting his name for a long time.

In fact, the chants of the Al-Ahly fans in the name of “Ali Maaloul” were not only to praise his abundant performance in the final, but they were also strong evidence of the prestigious position that the Tunisian player enjoys in the team, as one of the names that made an inspiring football history and a bright career in the club. Horn of Africa.

Last Sunday evening, the Tunisian player wrote a new chapter in an inspiring career at Al-Ahly club, where he provided an assist, resulting in the equalizer (1-1), and thanks to him the team won the title for the third time in the last four years, after winning the first leg in Cairo (2-1). ).

Ali Maaloul, who moved to Al-Ahly club in the summer of 2016 from Tunisian Sfaxien, was only one of the champions of the last edition of the African Champions League, but he entered the history of the competition from its widest gates. In addition to winning this title for the third time in his career, he topped the decisive pass holders in the current edition with 6 assists.

Perfect football and marching qualities

By winning the Champions League, Ali Maaloul consolidated his record of titles with the Red Castle team with 16 titles in less than 7 years, and wrote his name in golden letters in Al-Ahly records, to double his status and popularity among the Egyptian masses.

Tunisian football can be proud of top scorer Ali Maaloul, due to his very clear imprint on the achievements of his team since the 2016-2017 season, after he was presented to him in his first experiences outside his parent club, Sfaxien.

Hammadi Al-Do, the former coach of Ali Maaloul in Sfaxien during the 2013-2014 season, told Al-Jazeera Net: “Since his early years in the club, Maaloul was not an ordinary player. Everyone who witnessed his beginnings expected this inspiring journey for him, which I consider an example to follow for all players in Tunisia.”

Hammadi Al-Do supervised the training of Ali Maaloul in Sfaxien (Al-Jazeera)

According to Aldo, “Maaloul’s greatest qualities are the professional mentality and the high spirit with which he enters all matches, which contributed to him presenting his best footballing capabilities. He is a generous player on the green rectangle, his passes were decisive in Al-Ahly’s victories, and in addition to his high morals And his physical capabilities, and he can be considered one of the legends of Al-Ahly and the best foreign player in the history of the Red Castle.

Hammadi Al-Do added, “Ali Maaloul has a strong personality. He carried the armband of leadership in Sfaxien at the age of 23. When I took over the training of the club, he asked me to carry shirt number 10, and he had that. He was a defender with an offensive tendency, and this explains his many goals and accurate passes.” From set pieces or crosses.

He pointed out that the current defender of Al-Ahly of Egypt began his football career as a midfielder on the left corridor along his career in the youth groups of Sfaxien, before he assumed a plan as a left defender while contributing to his team’s attacks.

And he continued: “His only weak point was the defensive coverage, but what counts for all the coaches who succeeded in training him at Al-Ahly is that they focused on fixing that point, so that Maaloul appeared as an integrated player and provided an exemplary performance in both defense and attack.”

A prestigious place in the history of the Egyptian Al-Ahly

In turn, the Tunisian journalist, Karim Meqni, stressed that Ali Maaloul deserves to be already among the historical players in Al-Ahly, given his great stature and clear imprint in the coronations of his team locally and continually, after he was decisive, not only in crowning Al-Ahly in the 2023 Champions League, but also on Lots of local and continental titles.

Muqni – the announcer on the Tunisian “Diwan” radio – told Al-Jazeera Net: “Ali Maaloul has his sweeping popularity in Egypt and a prestigious position stemming from the stability of his returns and his offensive qualities. His fortune has increased since 2017, when he put his mark in two important victories for his team in the Champions League against two Tunisian opponents, who are Esperance and Etoile du Sahel after scoring a goal against each of them, in addition to his prolific performance against both of them.

Tunisian journalist Karim Meqni, Al Jazeera Net
Tunisian journalist Karim Meqni considered Maaloul one of the 3 best professionals in the history of Al-Ahly (Al-Jazeera)

Maqni asserts, “The Tunisian star is the most decorated foreign player in the history of Al-Ahly, and it is not strange that he achieves this inspiring march, especially since he almost contributes to 60% of his team’s goals, either by scoring or by assisting. In addition to the Angolans, Flavio and Gilberto, I see that Maaloul is one of the The best players in the Team of the Century shirt and the closest to the fans’ hearts.

A record full of titles and numbers

And while Al-Ahly of Egypt is moving towards crowning the Egyptian Premier League title for the current season, Ali Maaloul continued to win titles with the Century team, as the 2023 Champions League is the 16th coronation in the 7 years that the player has spent so far in Al-Ahly, which is the Egyptian League title on 4 occasions, The Egyptian Cup on 3 occasions, and the Egyptian Super Cup 4 times.

He also won the CAF Champions League title 3 times, in the years 2020, 2021 and 2023, and reached the final on 3 occasions, and was crowned the African Super Cup in 2021 and 2022. He also competed in the Club World Cup in 2020 and 2021 and won third place with Al-Ahly.

Since moving to Al-Ahly, Ali Maaloul scored 44 goals to become one of the top 3 foreign scorers in the club in a list that included Ghanaian Felix and Angolan Flavio Amado. He also contributed more than 60 assists to his team’s goals, and won the award for best player in Al-Ahly club during the 2019-2020 season.

Maaloul played in Sfaxien between 2009 and 2016, and crowned him with the Tunisian League title and the African Confederation Cup in 2013. As for the Tunisian national team, he played 86 international matches and scored 3 goals. He also participated in the 2018 World Cup in Russia and 2022 in Qatar.


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He won 16 titles with the team in 7 years. How did Tunisian Ali Maaloul become an icon in the history of Al-Ahly?

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