His influential supplication for his country won millions of views.. The killing of a Sudanese youth, the platform pioneers cry

The name of the Sudanese young man, Awad Hashim, topped social media platforms in Sudan, after activists talked about his death as a result of the battles taking place in the country since mid-April.



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The name of the young man – who was suffering from mental illness – appeared on the communication platforms and caught the attention of its pioneers with video clips in which he called spontaneously to preserve the security and stability of Sudan, as these clips garnered about two million views via “TikTok”.


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♬ Sad Noun – 3TBFM

It was not hours until Sudanese activists announced the death of the young man, known for his memorization of the Holy Qur’an and his good recitation, while the hearts of the pioneers of the platforms were broken in grief over his separation, as he was taking the streets as a safe home for him.

Volunteer activist Moez Muhammad Sharif said that Awwad was killed after escaping from the “Awafi and Your Safety” initiative, which adopted his treatment earlier with his family.

Sharif took the initiative to publish a video clip that he gathered in a session with the late young man, as he appeared reciting verses from the Holy Qur’an.

According to the well-known Sudanese activist, the burial ceremony of the young man took place yesterday, Friday, with the participation of the commander of the Armored Corps, Nasr El-Din Abdel-Fattah, as announced on his Facebook account.

Tweeters shared pictures and a video clip of the young man yesterday, Friday, as he appeared lying on the ground with a plastic sheet over him in one of the streets, while comments poured out with mercy on him and his obituary with poignant words across the platforms.

Blogger Muhammad Mukhtar said – in a post – that “Awad was known by the streets, so he was their companion and companion, and yesterday he was praying for all the people of Sudan. Yes, his mind was going, but he was present in his heart, O good people, Awad Hashim was killed with the heart of a hard, hard stone that does not know humanity.”

Whereas, Saleh Al-Rifai commented, “This chaste ascetic man, when people were stealing, looting, and killing each other for a bag (sack) of sugar or flour, he would look at those carrying those stolen bags with a look of sadness and dissatisfaction, and he would say to them: Our Lord guides you, some of them are weak.” Souls”.

As for Moataz Al-Khair, he wrote on his Facebook account, “I had resolved since the beginning of the war to be solid and strong, even if it made us, but my resolve was broken by the death of Awad Hashem, which was very broken. Two masks completely disappeared from the world and he sat in the shade of a tree. Why did you kill him, for God’s sake?”

Hisham Jamal tweeted, affected, “Goodbye, O Zul, O Tayeb. Yesterday he was praying for us, and we must return the favor to him with invitations.”

Since last April 15, Sudan has been witnessing violent clashes between the army forces led by Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, and the “Quick Support Forces” led by Muhammad Hamdan Dagalo “Hamidti”, which included the capital, Khartoum, and several cities in the north and west of the country, and caused many deaths and injuries, and caused a humanitarian crisis. sharp.

Source : Al Jazeera + Sanad Agency + social media sites

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