It constitutes a “triple threat”… A giant hurricane is approaching the US island of Guam

Authorities on the US island of Guam evacuated its residents in anticipation of the arrival of a giant hurricane, which is expected to pose a “triple threat” and sweep the Pacific island on Wednesday.

Hurricane “Mawar” is about 110 km from the island, with winds of up to 225 km/h, according to the latest US meteorological bulletin.

The meteorologist predicts, in its bulletin, that “Typhoon Mawar will pass south of or over Guam.”

The bulletin added that this giant cyclone constitutes a “triple threat” as it is likely to bring with it “high winds” and “torrential rain” and lead to “coastal flooding that could be fatal.”

The meteorologist also indicated in its bulletin that this threat is not limited to Guam, but also includes Rota, the other American island in the Mariana Archipelago.

In anticipation of the coastal flooding, the island authorities ordered the residents of coastal areas to evacuate, noting that it is expected that the hurricane will be accompanied by destructive winds of more than 140 km / h upon its arrival.

The governor of Guam said that this was “the strongest storm in 20 years,” calling on the island’s 170,000 residents to seek refuge in safe places.

US President Joe Biden declared a state of emergency in Guam yesterday, Tuesday, so that the federal authorities could provide assistance to the island, according to the White House.

Nearly 22,000 American soldiers and their families are stationed on Guam.

AP Won Pat International Airport said that due to the typhoon, about 60 flights scheduled to land in or take off from Guam between Tuesday and Thursday were canceled.

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