Modi to Washington.. Why are America and India closer to each other now than ever before?


explained article The American Foreign Policy magazine published that the visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the United States in the coming days comes in the context of the two countries’ efforts together to protect their strategic interests.

The article – written by Rishi Iyengar – emphasized that the “marriage of convenience” between India and the United States has become of great importance at the present time, in light of the crisis sparked by Russia’s war on Ukraine, and the rush of major world powers to conclude alliances to protect their strategic interests.

India – according to Iyengar – needs to diversify its sources of arms imports, as it relied heavily on Russian weapons, and now, with the continuation of the war in Ukraine, New Delhi has found an appropriate opportunity to achieve this goal by striking deals with Washington. While the United States is taking advantage of this occasion to “wean” the Indian army from Russian weapons.

Also, the Russian rapprochement with China outweighed the advocates of strengthening military relations with the United States, as the sharp border disputes between New Delhi and Beijing have not yet found a solution, and India is looking to strengthen its military arsenal and diversify its allies to preserve its strategic interest in East Asia, especially as China It began to strengthen its Asian partnerships and strengthen its authority in the Indian Ocean.

According to the writer, Modi’s visit to Washington next week is not a formal visit, as Washington wants to strengthen its industrial and defense depth with India, and enhance its cooperation in the areas of joint production of aircraft engines, long-range artillery, and military vehicles, in addition to strengthening cooperation in the fields of artificial intelligence and space exploration. and defense technology.


Economically, Iyengar explains that the United States seeks to benefit from the active Indian labor force, especially in the field of technology. US Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo and her Indian counterpart Piyush Goyal signed a partnership in the field of the semiconductor supply chain, while the visit of US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin to New Delhi recently resulted in an initiative To enhance the advanced technological cooperation between the armies of the two countries, which was known as the “INDUS-X” system.

Washington hopes that it will succeed – through its close cooperation with India – in reducing its dependence on China, which has succeeded over the past decades in consolidating its position as a stable platform for the global industry.


Iyengar stresses that the relationship between the two countries is not without problems, as there are obstacles that the two sides seek to overcome, especially on the economic level, as India’s history of imposing protectionism and bureaucratic red tape burdened American companies in the past, and made it difficult to create a manufacturing structure that competes with what it established. China.

The writer emphasized that the Indian authorities’ democratic record with Muslims and other minorities may be “one of the victims” of Modi’s visit to Washington, as the Americans’ desire to raise concerns about campaigns of violence against minorities and the suppression of freedom of expression may collide with the need to protect the supreme American interest, as strategic necessities impose Silence not to affect the major strategic interests.


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Modi to Washington.. Why are America and India closer to each other now than ever before?

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