One of them won 90 colored cards.. the fiercest Premier League team this season

A British report reviewed the numbers of Premier League football clubs (Premier League) related to the number of colored cards obtained by each team during the current season 2022-2023 competitions.

One round before the end of the Premier League, the newspaper confirmed:Mirror(Mirror) British that there are many English clubs whose players did not receive the red card in the past 37 rounds.

And she indicated that – until this moment – no player had received more than 11 yellow cards, as happened last season.

However, the newspaper believes that there is a large gap between the teams whose players got the largest number of colored cards compared to their counterparts who received fewer cards.

She explained that there are many players whom she described as “lucky”, because they escaped administrative punishment during the matches, in clips for which they deserved to be expelled with a red card.

The statistics of the English Premier League teams in terms of colored cards are as follows:

  1. Wolverhampton: 6 red cards and 84 yellow cards.
  2. Leeds United: 3 red cards and 81 yellow cards.
  3. Crystal Palace: 3 red cards and 80 yellow cards.
  4. Chelsea: 3 red cards and 76 yellow cards.
  5. Everton: Two red cards and 78 yellow cards.
  6. Nottingham Forest: Only 82 yellow cards.
  7. Tottenham Hotspur: 3 red cards and 75 yellow cards.
  8. Manchester United: Two red cards and 76 yellow cards.
  9. Fulham: Red card and 78 yellow.
  10. Aston Villa: Red card and 76 yellow.
  11. Southampton: Red card and 73 yellow.
  12. Bournemouth: Only 66 yellow cards.
  13. Newcastle United: Red card and 62 yellow.
  14. Leicester City: Two red cards and 58 yellow cards.
  15. Liverpool: A red card and 55 yellows.
  16. Brentford: Red card and 51 yellow.
  17. Brighton: Only 53 yellow cards.
  18. Arsenal: Only 52 yellow cards.
  19. Manchester City: Red card and 43 yellow.
  20. West Ham United: Only 43 yellow cards.

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