Penalties for squad, brigade and battalion commanders…Mohamed Salah’s bullets are still chasing the Israeli army


Occupied Jerusalem- The Israeli army revealed – on Tuesday evening – the results of the investigation committee regarding the shooting attack carried out by the policeman, Mohamed Salah, on the Egyptian-Israeli border, which resulted in the killing of three Israeli soldiers, and the killing of the Egyptian policeman with Israeli bullets.

The investigation revealed a series of failures and repeated failures in the activity and work of the border forces, the delay in the arrival of reinforcements and drones that were not launched due to the weather, and the neglect of the monitoring and control point by the soldiers who were supposed to stay in their places.

The investigation committee concluded that there was an operational failure of the Israeli forces operating on the Egyptian border, and presented recommendations to the Chief of Staff of the Israeli Army, Herzi Halevy, which were conducted by: Southern Command Commander Major General Eliezer Toledano, and Commander of the “Edom” Division, Brigadier General Itzik Cohen.

Rebuke and punishment

Following the recommendations of the investigation committee, Chief of Staff Halevy decided to impose sanctions on a number of army officers in the Southern Command, and reprimand the commander of the 80th Division due to his overall responsibility for the incident and failure to monitor the implementation of regulations.

It was decided to remove the Faran Brigade commander from his position and transfer him to another position in the army, given his overall responsibility for the incident, and the way the activities are implemented in the area under his responsibility. It was also decided to reprimand the commander of the “Fahd” battalion, given his responsibility for applying the method of activating the Israeli forces on the borders, as his promotion in the army will be suspended for a period of 5 years.

Also among the decisions is the blocking of the security corridors built along the security fence between Israel and Egypt.

With regard to the perception of defense and guarding the border area, all means available to the division and the security system and the activity of the forces along the border will be examined, and the recommendations of the investigation committee will be implemented through the team assigned to review the perception of defense and guarding the border area, headed by Major General Nimrod Aloni.

Failure and failure

The findings of the investigation committee showed that an Egyptian policeman infiltrated from the Egyptian border into Israeli territory through one of the security passages in the fence, and fired at the commander of a platoon of the “Fahd” battalion, First Sergeant Ori Yitzhak Iluz, and the female soldier of the battalion, Sergeant Leah Ben Noun, while They performed the task of guarding the area, which resulted in their death, according to what was stated in a statement by the Israeli army spokesman.

After two and a half hours, the Egyptian policeman was spotted, so he opened fire from a long distance at an Israeli army force, which returned fire.

During the exchange of fire and the clash with the policeman, a soldier from the communication squad of the Faran Brigade commander, First Sergeant Ohad Shimon Dahan, was killed, while one of the sniper soldiers was slightly wounded, as the Egyptian policeman was killed during the clash.

The investigation committee showed that the main reasons for the shooting were the security passage in the fence, which was hidden without being closed, and the operational failure in everything related to securing guarding the border area.

Readiness and readiness

The results of the investigation also concluded that it is necessary to emphasize the specific priorities for the Israeli forces’ dealings, readiness and preparedness to deal with and thwart shooting operations, and the extent of readiness to deal with the threat of smuggling operations spread in the border area.

As part of the “lessons” that were drawn from the shooting, it was decided to shorten the duration of the continuous mission of the soldiers working in the area from 12 hours to 8 hours.

According to Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper, an Israeli Air Force warplane was not launched to help the ground forces search for the perpetrator of the shooting.

Once it became clear that a gunman had infiltrated the area and killed the two Israeli soldiers, the officer who was in charge of the area took 20 minutes to announce what is called in the army a “hot hammer”, which indicates the existence of a hot security incident.

And from the moment the deputy commander of the unit found the bodies of the two soldiers, and did not announce it herself, it also took 20 minutes, as the two – the unit commander and his deputy – wanted to make sure first that the conversation was not related to a suicide or shooting by an Israeli smuggler.

This failure of assessment and late decision led to a delay in the deployment of Israeli forces in the area and the call for reinforcements, despite the realization and certainty that the matter was related to a serious security incident.

estimates and errors

Although two and a half hours have passed –Which is a long time for my operational event in the Israeli Air Force – There were no drones in the air, not even a helicopter or fighter plane, which could have helped monitor and control the shooter, especially after he All the officers involved – including the chief of staff and the generals – knew of a gunman who had infiltrated and killed two soldiers and two fighters who were looking for him.

Israeli estimates indicate that the Egyptian policeman walked 5 to 7 kilometers along the border area without being detected by the Israeli observation post, where he infiltrated into Israeli territory and carried out a shooting attack that resulted in the death of two soldiers.

The investigation committee estimated that the sniper unit also failed when it assumed that the perpetrator of the shooting operation had returned to Egyptian territory, but he was discovered later, two and a half hours later, by chance, by a female soldier who noticed traces of bloodstains near the observation point where she was located, where he clashed again. With the Israeli forces, a third soldier was killed.


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Penalties for squad, brigade and battalion commanders…Mohamed Salah’s bullets are still chasing the Israeli army

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