Raisi affirmed his rejection of the war in Ukraine.. Macron calls on Iran to stop supporting Russia


Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi and his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron, held a phone call in which they discussed a number of regional and international issues, including the nuclear file and the war in Ukraine.

The Iranian president said that it is necessary to stay away from non-constructive political measures in the course of negotiations aimed at lifting sanctions on Iran, adding that his country is committed to its legal obligations in the nuclear file, noting that the International Atomic Energy Agency has confirmed this several times in its reports.

According to the Iranian presidency website, the two sides also discussed regional files and the Ukraine war, where the Iranian president confirmed his country’s position rejecting war, and stated that diplomacy is the best way to settle disputes.

A statement issued by the French presidency said that President Macron, in his phone call with his Iranian counterpart, expressed his concern about the current course of the Iranian nuclear program, pointing to the desire of France and its European partners to find a diplomatic solution to this issue.

French warning

Macron also warned of the serious security and humanitarian consequences of Iran handing over marches to Russia, and called on Tehran to immediately stop its support for the war on Ukraine.

And the spokesman for the National Security Council at the White House, John Kirby, had warned, on Friday, that Russia “is receiving materials from Iran to build a factory for drones” on its soil, and that this facility “may be able to operate at full capacity early next year.”

The United States believes that as of last May, Russia received “hundreds” of Iranian-made attack drones across the Caspian Sea and used them to “hit Kiev and terrorize the Ukrainian population,” according to Kirby.

Tehran has repeatedly considered that the US accusations of supplying weapons to Russia are “baseless”, stressing that it is not a party to the Ukrainian conflict.


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Raisi affirmed his rejection of the war in Ukraine.. Macron calls on Iran to stop supporting Russia

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