Referring to the voluntary return of the Syrians.. Erdogan calls for solidarity in his victory speech


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan confirmed this evening, Monday, that the people assigned him to head the republic for another 5 years, in a speech from the presidential palace in the capital, Ankara.

In his winning speech in the second round of the Turkish presidential elections, Erdogan called for unity and solidarity “around our national goals and dreams.”

The Turkish president – who received about 27.4 million votes – indicated that his country was able to confront “restrictions, obstacles and intrigues,” noting that “the Turkish people have succeeded in proving their maturity.”

Erdogan said – from the balcony of the presidential palace – that “justice is the basis of the king in our rule, and we will not change this principle,” stressing that Turkey was able to confront restrictions, obstacles and intrigues, and that the Turkish people succeeded in proving their maturity.

He pointed out that the elections have ended, and we must now devote our efforts to production, providing services to the people, and healing the wounds of the earthquake victims, adding that facing the effects of the earthquake and dealing with inflation will not be difficult.

In the speech, which was attended by more than 300,000 people, Erdogan stressed that his country did not request “any loans from the International Monetary Fund,” at a time when “the People’s Party is calling for loans,” he said.

With regard to the Syrian refugees, Erdogan stressed that “the voluntary return to their country in a safe manner is an important part of our policy,” noting that there is cooperation with the State of Qatar through a new housing project that will secure the return of one million Syrian refugees.

On Sunday evening, preliminary official results showed that Erdogan won a new presidential term, becoming the president who rules the country for the longest period in the history of the Republic.

After counting more than 99% of the ballot boxes across the country, Erdogan won 52.11% of the vote, while his opponent, the candidate of the opposition Nation Alliance, Kamal Kilicdaroglu, got about 25.2 million votes, or 47.89%, after more than 52.5 million Turkish citizens cast their vote. at the polls.


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Referring to the voluntary return of the Syrians.. Erdogan calls for solidarity in his victory speech

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