The first victim of the Vinicius crisis.. This is the reason for stopping the referee against Valencia and Real Madrid

A Spanish report revealed that referee Iglesias Villanueva was suspended and prevented from being in the VAR room during the next round of the Spanish Football League (La Liga).

The Referees Committee of the Spanish Federation decided to exclude Villanueva from the video room of the “Benito Villamarin” stadium during the Real Betis and Getafe match scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday, in the 36th round of the League, and he will be replaced by his colleague Soto Grado, according to what the newspaper confirmed.dem(Marca) Spanish.

According to the newspaper, the referees’ decision was based on Villanueva’s performance during the Valencia-Real Madrid match in the last round of La Liga.

Villanueva had summoned fellow match referee Ricardo de Burgos Bengotesia in order to review the shot, after which Vinicius Jr., the Real Madrid star, was expelled, who dealt a blow to the face of Hugo Duro, Valencia defender.

Villanueva sparked widespread controversy when he showed a shot of Vinicius only without showing what happened to Doro, who grabbed the Brazilian by the neck and tried to strangle him.

According to “Marca”, the officials of the Referees Committee did not find a convincing justification or explanation from Villanueva preventing him from showing the full clip.

This is the first time in the Spanish League that a referee responsible for managing the video room hides a decisive shot.

The Betis and Getafe match was scheduled to be Villanueva’s last before he was referred to the contract, but that will not happen, according to “Marca”.

For his part, the arena referee, De Burgos, escaped the guillotine of expulsion, and is still on top of his job as an arbiter of the arena in the Real Betis and Getafe match.

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