The last of which is speeding.. Will the actions of the Home Secretary overthrow the British government?

London – British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak continues his efforts to keep political fires out of his government, the latest of which is the controversy over Home Secretary Soyla Braverman asking senior Home Office staff for preferential treatment after speeding.

The Prime Minister tried to contain this crisis, after he announced that, in consultation with his special advisor to respect the rules of government work, he had decided not to open any investigation with his Minister of the Interior and that this case did not deserve any action on his part.

However, the newspaper “The Independent” revealed – through exclusive information – a suspicion of a conflict of interest involving the Minister of the Interior, who is the mastermind of the scheme to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda, which will increase pressure on the minister and put the Prime Minister in greater embarrassment, especially since this mistake is not the minister’s first. .

The newspaper revealed that the Minister of the Interior had previously worked as director of the African Justice Foundation, a charity that focuses on training lawyers in Rwanda, for a period of 5 years. According to the newspaper, Braverman did not declare the matter during her appointment as Minister of the Interior, which means that there is a suspicion of a conflict of interest.

No clarification was issued by the Minister of Interior or the Prime Ministry for these new data, but this file will be added to the list of files around which there are suspicions of breaching the law.

The minister had previously submitted her resignation from the position of Minister of the Interior during the Liz Terrace government, after she leaked secret security documents about the refugee deportation plan to Parliamentarians from the Conservative Party, from her personal mail.

Despite all these mistakes, Braverman continues her controversial statements, especially regarding refugees, stressing that her first mission is to stop small boats and prevent them from reaching Britain, and before that she stated that her dream is to see the first plane take off towards Rwanda carrying asylum seekers.

last chance

In this context, British expert Chris Doyle believes that Prime Minister Rishi Sunak wants to contain the recent crisis related to the Minister of the Interior, “because he has complex political calculations, the first of which is that he does not want to shake up his government, and secondly because the Minister of Interior represents an important wing within the Conservative Party and carries ideas Extremism in the immigration file, and its dismissal may draw the wrath of this trend on the prime minister.

Speaking to Al-Jazeera Net, Doyle, who heads the Council for Arab-British Understanding, said, “Despite the many caveats in dismissing the Minister of the Interior, she has one last chance. Any new mistake from her means her dismissal and her political end.”

Regarding the fate of the Sunak government, Chris Doyle expected it to continue until the general elections are announced at the end of next year, adding, “I do not expect there to be premature elections, for two reasons: the first is that the Conservative Party has an absolute majority in Parliament.”

He added that the second reason, which is the most important, is related to Rishi Sunak, who has already succeeded “in restoring calm to government work after stormy months, and most observers agree that he deals professionally and professionally with government work, without getting involved in scandals or controversial events.”

Repeating Johnson’s mistakes

On the other hand, Muhammad Amin, head of the Arab Thinking Forum in London, warned against repeating the mistakes of former Prime Minister Boris Johnson, noting that Johnson lost his position after he “remained insistent on clinging to a number of those close to him despite their involvement in breaches of the law and government work, until the matter ended.” end Johnson’s political career personally.”

Muhammad Amin pointed out that the margin of error in front of Sunak “is very small, given the decline in the popularity of the Conservative Party. According to the latest YouGov poll, only 23% of the respondents expected the Conservatives to win the upcoming elections.”

The spokesman pointed out that the British public mood does not bear the idea of ​​anyone showing that he is above the law, adding, “This was the main reason for the anger at Johnson, who believed that he was able to bypass the law, and now the Home Secretary devotes the same logic, which is what British society absolutely rejects.” Especially since the British cannot tolerate double standards that favor officials over the general public.

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