The UAE lifts the ban on granting entry visas to the Lebanese soon


An Emirati official told Reuters today, Thursday, that his country will lift in the coming days a temporary ban on granting entry visas to Lebanese citizens.

The Emirati official explained that the temporary restrictions are due to security concerns, and added that they are subject to continuous review, and that they will be lifted for specific categories of visas in the coming days. He did not go into details.

Lebanese citizens have reported in recent weeks that the UAE does not grant entry visas to Lebanese outside the country.

Two travel agents in Lebanon told Reuters they were unable to request visas for Lebanese to enter the UAE through the usual online system, but the agents said they had not received any instructions or instructions.
New changes regarding entry requirements.

One of the agents indicated that in previous cases – when the UAE suspended issuing visas – the decision was the result of a technical ban on applying for visas without issuing official instructions, as is the case now.

A helpline of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai said today, Thursday, that Lebanese outside the UAE will not temporarily obtain visas based on the instructions of the Ministry of Interior.

The Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not comment.


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The UAE lifts the ban on granting entry visas to the Lebanese soon

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