Watch – he provoked the Valencia fans and insulted a journalist. The other side of the case of Real Madrid star Vinicius

Brazilian Vinicius Junior, Real Madrid’s star, was the hero of the chaos facing his team and its host Valencia, and the Brazilian international directly accused a fan of describing him as a “monkey”; This prompted the referee to stop the match for several minutes.

And Vinicius Junior was subjected to abuse during the confrontation in which his team lost on the land of Valencia yesterday, Sunday, in the 35th stage of the League, which generated condemning reactions from all over the world.

And the drama continued in the match after the referee dismissed Vinicius in the seventh minute of stoppage time for the second half, after Hugo Duro hit the Valencia player without a ball.

Upon his exit from the match, he applauded in a provocative way, and made gestures to the fans of the “Mestalla” stands stating that their team would be relegated to the second division.

The crisis extended and interacted and could spread further after Real resorted to the judiciary and the Public Prosecution office opened an investigation, in addition to a harsh publication by Vinicius, a strong response from the President of the League, Javier Tebas, the statements of Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti, and the supportive and supportive reactions of Vinicius from athletes and politicians, including These are statements by Brazilian President Lula da Silva, in which he expressed his support for his compatriot Vinicius after the racism incident he was subjected to.

The tension extended to the mixed area, and when the Brazilian was signing for fans who had obtained permission to access that area, a sports journalist from Valencia asked Vinicius: Do you intend to apologize for the gestures you made to the stands? Vinicius’ response was shocking, and he told the journalist, “Are you stupid?”

Valencia ranks 13th in the La Liga table with 40 points, and is 5 points clear of the relegation zone, with two rounds remaining until the end of the season.

As for the issue of the Brazilian international’s penalty after his expulsion, the Spanish newspaper “Mundo Deportivo” put forward all the scenarios, namely:

  • Vinicius will be subject to at least a two-match ban because he was sent off directly.
  • According to Article 103 of the Spanish Federation Law, the penalty will become severe against Vinicius if his behavior is considered assault, and he will be subject to a penalty of suspension from 4 to 12 matches.
  • If the game is classified as violent within the match according to Article 130; The suspension may be from 2 to 3 matches only.

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