Adah Sharma Reveals Her Grandmother’s Reaction to Disturbing Rape Scenes in ‘The Kerala Story’

Adah Sharma recently revealed about her grandmother’s reaction to the disturbing rape scenes in ‘The Kerala Story.’

Adah Sharma Reveals Her Grandmother’s Reaction to Disturbing Rape Scenes in ‘The Kerala Story’

Adah Sharma Reveals Her Grandmother’s Reaction To Her Rape Scenes: Adah Sharma is receiving accolades for her performance in Sudipto Sen’s The Kerala Story, The film is based on the conversion and recruitment of Malayali girls by ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria). Adah has stood by her film despite the political backlash and criticism against it. The actress is currently basking high on the commercial success of The Kerala Story as it has garnered Rs 177 Crore worldwide. The movie has been given an A certificate by CBFC (Central Board of Film Certification) due to the realistic depiction of violence and harassment of women.


Adah portrays the character of Shalini in The Kerala Story, who converts to Islam and has to travel to Syria after being forcibly married to another man. In an interaction with DNA, she spoke about her mother and grandmother’s reaction to the film. She also admitted about being apprehensive to show the film to her grandmother due to the horrific rape scenes in the script. Adah said, “My mom and grandmother knew the story. I was nervous about granny’s reaction, especially with those rape scenes. I was only concerned about how she would react to all those disturbing moments.” She further added, “I admit that my 90-year-old granny is the strongest (member). After watching the movie, she called it an educational and informative experience and said, ‘I want all my students to watch it.’ I told her that it is an adult film, and then she suggested that it should have been a U/A film so that even younger girls should see it, be aware of it, and it will help them to be more vigilant.”

The Kerala Story released on May 5, 2023 and is produced by Vipul Amrutlal Shah.

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