Father’s Day 2023: History to Celebrations, All You Need to Know


Father’s Day is celebrated in every part of the world every year with great joy and excitement. This day celebrates on the third Sunday of June every year, this time, it will be celebrated on 18 June 2023.

Father's Day 2023: History to Celebrations, All You Need to Know About This Special Day
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This Sunday is not any normal off day this week, this time it is Father’s Day. A day to celebrate, honor and show our gratitude to our heroes, this year, Father’s Day will be celebrated on June 18 in India. As it is a Sunday, it gives many of us the opportunity to dedicate the entire weekend and make it more special for them. Father figures are often looked up to. But, have you ever wondered why do we celebrate it? How did it all begin?

This special occasion is celebrated across the world. It started in the United States of America and gained popularity in the whole world eventually. Fathers work tirelessly and selflessly for their families and shower with their unconditional love and care.

Let’s dive in and understand the history behind this special day and how it is celebrated.

Father’s Day 2023: History and its Significance

Father’s Day was started in 1910 as inspired by Mother’s Day. Sonora Smart Dodd an American resident, was raised by a single father. Her father was a civil war veteran who raised her and her siblings against all odds. Therefore, in order to honor and show her gratitude for her father’s unconditional love, Dodd started celebrating Father’s Day. Dodd started to promote Father’s Day celebrations at the national level and gained support from the community. The first Father’s day ever celebrated was in June 1910.

This day aims to celebrate fatherhood. It is about expressing our love and gratitude for our fathers.

Father’s Day 2023: Why do we celebrate it?

Father’s Day is celebrated to show our love and gratitude towards our fathers. Children make plans, surprise gifts, or cook delicious meals, and even buy flowers and spend the whole day with their dads. In the contemporary era, sky is the limit to plan day for and with your father. Take them on a spa day, cook their favorite food or have a day out planned.

It’s all about celebrating fatherhood and making them feel special!

Happy Father’s Day!


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Father’s Day 2023: History to Celebrations, All You Need to Know

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