Karishma Sharma Reveals Being Cheated In Love | Exclusive interview

Karishma Sharma, Rajneesh Duggal and Starboy LOC indulge in a candid conversation with india.com and talk about music, love and future of rap in India.

Music is mood, it is for moods. A song, a tune, and a little rhythm is all one needs to calm down or energize or sometimes just be. For every occasion, for every situation, there is a song that is hummed. And latest on the charts is the song by Meet Brothers –Manmeet Meet and Harmeet Meet- ‘Confession: Ab Meri War Ae, This peppy song is on one of the most relatable topics, it is on love, karma and revenge. The latest music video stars actors Rajneish Duggal and Karishma Sharma featuring Starboy LOC.

In a candid conversation with india.com, Rajnesih, Karishma and LOC talked all about love, karma, and also on the future of rap in India.


Discussing the theme of the song, Karishma said, “People get the message. You should not hurt, it is about karma. Agar aap kisi ko hurt kaorge toh it will come back to you.” As the unposed conversation grew further, she added that “I have been cheated on.” The lyrics made a lot of sense to me. I am like this is the time for revenge, yes I will take this. ,

Adding on to why they agreed to the song, Rajneesh said that the whole song has a deep meaning. It is about loyalty, honesty and something that everyone from Gen z to Gen y will relate.


Rap has become a growing trend in India. Ever since the release of movies like Gully Boy and MTV Hustle, this music trend has caught up in India as well. Indulging in an interesting and candid conversation on the same, rapper Starboy LOC spilled the facts. He says, “Yeh bahut zyada grow hoga. Pehle bas songs mai ate the ab webseries mai offer ate hai. First of all, there is rap on the beech, ab pure pure gano mai rap chaiye.”

Working as a corporate employee rapping and featuring in music videos, Starboy LOC looks up to Honey Singh. One reason why he was given the moniker LOC by his loved ones was because of his passion towards writing and creating rap music. FYI, LOC stands for –Ladhka Out of Control.

Do tune into Meet Brother’s latest music video Confession starring Karishma Sharma, Rajneesh Duggal and featuring Starboy LOC.

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