Karishma Tanna: ‘Faced Second-Hand Treatment in My Family’ | EXCLUSIVE


Karishma Tanna speaks about her upcoming web show ‘Scoop’, working with Hansal Mehta and more in an exclusive interaction with India.com.

Karishma Tanna: 'Faced Second-Hand Treatment in My Family' |  EXCLUSIVE
Karishma Tanna: ‘Faced Second-Hand Treatment in My Family’ | EXCLUSIVE

Karishma Tanna on Scoop, Hansal Mehta And More | EXCLUSIVE: Karishma Tanna is awaiting the release of her biographical crime drama series Scoop. After being praised for essaying the role of a cop in Hush Hush, the actress is now playing a crime reporter in the Hansal Mehta directorial. The web show is based on journalist Jigna Vora’s book Behind Bars in Byculla: My Days in Prison, The trailer has already created a lot of buzz and curiosity among the audiences. Ahead of Scoop’s OTT release, the actress opens up on working with Hansal Mehta and growing up in a middle-class family in an exclusive interaction with India.com. Excerpts from the interview


On being asked, what kind of preparation and research, she had to go through while playing a crime journalist, Karishma says, “When I got to know that the story is inspired from Jigna Vora’s book, I did little bit of research. I learned about the incident which everybody knows happened in 2011. So, I faintly had an idea and then started digging more online while prepping for my role. After going through the script of the entire six episodes from the series, everything was very detailed and well written. So, the only research which I did for couple of weeks was literally going on ground. We did field work where I was assisted by Ankur Pathak, and I was shadowing a ground reporter. I also went to police stations, jails and saw criminals. It was interesting to see the conversation between journalists and cops. I understood the body language and Ankur Pathak gave me a lot of information about how the newsroom is. The character was beautifully written in the script so while doing the scenes I was able to understand the emotions.”


In scoopKarishma’s character Jagruti is a career-driven independent single mother. On being quizzed how much she related to the character; the actress says “Except for the single-mother I relate to a lot of things. I am also independent as I started working at a very young age. I came from a lower middle-class family so I always had that aspiration to fulfill those dreams of my family which they couldn’t. Since, I come from an orthodox Gujarati family, so they used to say ‘ladka padia hua to ye karega aur ladki paida hui to aisa (if a boy was born then there were different expectations from him as compared to a girl).’ So, we used to get that second-hand treatment and I have faced that in my joint family. Since childhood I had this in me that I have to become a man. It is stupid to say that I have to compare myself to another gender. But I wanted to become independent and show the world that I can be at par with a man, have my own dreams and keep my family happy. So, I relate to this character a lot because Karishma is also the same in real life.”


When asked about the most unique aspect while working with Hansal Mehta and how different it was from her previous works, Karishma opines “It was a very unique experience as I am playing a very powerful role. So, the sense of responsibility was high. Also, it was inspired by the book so there were lot of stages and graphs in the script. Compared to my other roles it was very challenging because I have never played such a difficult and strong character. I am playing a women-centric role after a long time. Generally, I have seen such kind of roles in television. TV has more of female-driven characters, while OTT and theatrical releases are generally male-centric. Now, it has started that women-oriented roles are highlighted. So, when I came across this script, I was very overwhelmed and nervous at the same time. I was very happy to work with Netflix and Hansal Mehta, so it was like a dream come true for me.


On being quizzed what message the actress has for the audiences looking forward to watching Scoop, she concludes by saying, “I just want people to love this show and binge watch it. I just feel that you go through a lot of ups and downs in life which is very natural. It’s good to have ambitions while being on top of your career and balancing your family and professional life. The audiences will relate to the characters because Hansal Sir has tried to keep it very natural. So, watch it on June 2, 2023.”

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Karishma Tanna: ‘Faced Second-Hand Treatment in My Family’ | EXCLUSIVE

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