Man Sends ‘Gopi Bahu’ Meme As Excuse For Logging In Late, Boss’s Savage Reply Is Winning The Inernet

Ujjawal Athrav has shared the screenshot of his WhatsApp chat with his boss on Twitter with the caption, “Monday getting worse.”

Man Sends ‘Gopi Bahu’ Meme As Excuse For Logging In Late, Boss Gives A Savage Reply

New Delhi: Most of us would agree that we have collectively exhausted the tank of realistic reasons why we’re late for work or taking a day off. From making excuses like being caught in a traffic or the cab driver taking the longer route, bank work to doctor’s appointment or for any other reason. But have you ever used a creative excuse for being late? A Twitter user named Ujjawal Athrav surely did.

Ujjawal shared a screenshot of a conversation with his boss about the reason for his late login. The conversation starts with the boss asking the reason for his late login. Ujjawal replied with the much popular Gopi Bahu meme where she was seen washing Ahemji’s laptop. The meme is taken from the TV series Saath Nibhana Sathiya and stars Gia Manek.

This scene undoubtedly created a ‘watershed’ moment in Indian television history, which has since become the most ubiquitous meme ever.

“Monday getting worse,” she wrote as she shared a screenshot of a conversation with her boss. The screenshot shows his employer asking him “You haven’t login yet. What happened. To which, Athrav shared the famous meme which showed Gopi Bahu washing a laptop.

Have a look at their conversation here:

The post was shared on May 22 and has gotten over 32.2K views, 104 retweets, 1,213 likes. People found the post quite hilarious. Many commented on how Ujjawal’s boss was too cool.

“Very funny boss,” commented a Twitter user. “Your Boss is too funny,” added another. “Ooopss emotional damage,” joined a third, referencing a popular joke. “Hahahaha,” wrote a fourth. “Does anyone have Burnol because we think he just got burned!” said a twitter handle.

Many reacted to the post with laughing out loud emoticons.

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