‘Teri Jali Na…’! Adipurush Ruins The Purity Of Ramayana Left, Right, And Center | Watch Movie Review


Adipursh Movie Review: Om Raut’s version of Ramayan is not just a factually ruined film but also not even decently made.

Adipursh Movie Review: When Raavan’s son, Indrajeet puts Lord Hanuman’s tail on fire, he tells him ‘teri jali na’ to which He replies: ‘Jalegi toh tere baap ki’ – this is a literal description of one of the many ridiculous scenes in Adipurush, The film was promoted all over the country as ‘Har Bharatiye Ki Adipurush’, which basically meant that this was a story that would appeal to every Indian. However, the movie lets down not just the bhakts but also every Indian who is listening to, reading, and passing the Ramayan through generations.


  • Adipurush Movie Review
  • Adipursh ruins the sanctity of Ramayana.
  • This Ramayan is only happening in Om Raut’s head

How difficult is it to make a decent film on the Hindu epic which is essentially a story that’s narrated in the nooks and corners of every city of the country? All the makers had to do was take the story and treat it with respect. But, Adipurush fails to generate the very sense of respect and devotion that Ramayan has been doing for ages. While most of the viewers had already lost their expectations from its VFX, the performances are too sub-par and forgettable to write home about. Saif Ali Khan doesn’t just look misfit to play Raavan, he also tries too hard to match the drama and grandeur of his character.

The film is ridden with factual inaccuracies too. Sample this: Raavan is riding a dragon-like creature, and not the famous ‘Pushpak Viman’ as he abducts Sita. Jattayu, who tries to rescue Sita, gets killed by Raavan before he can tell Ram about his wife being taken away by the king of Lanka. ‘Shri Ram’ written on the giant stones used to create the ‘Ram Setu’ only looks like an afterthought because the vaanar sena (the army of monkeys) is never shown writing the name on those stones. There’s no mention of Angad, the son of Bali, Trijata, the only woman who helped Sita at the Ashok Vatika, Nal-Neel, the efficient warriors from Ram’s army who were blessed with the special powers that helped in the creation of the Ram Setu . It all looks like fiction happening only in Om Raut’s head. The tattooed bodies, disrespectful dialogues, and abrupt climax only add to your worries as a viewer.

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Stars: 1.5


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‘Teri Jali Na…’! Adipurush Ruins The Purity Of Ramayana Left, Right, And Center | Watch Movie Review

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