Weekly Love Horoscope | June 12-18 | Leo, Aries to face hiccups; Happy Marriage For Cancerians


Weekly Love Horoscope | June 12-18 | Love Horoscope as Per Your Zodiac Sign: Astrologer reveals what’s in store for you and your partner this week. Check your love horoscope now.

Check love horoscope as per your zodiac sign (Photo: Freepik)
Check love horoscope as per your zodiac sign (Photo: Freepik)

Aquarius: Your romantic life will have some hiccups, but nothing big will happen. If you allow yourself to become flustered about petty issues, you will create tension for both yourself and the person you are with.

taurus: It’s possible that you’re trying to avoid the third person who you secretly like, but your efforts will be in vain since that person is going to show up in the most unexpected way. It’s possible that you have no capacity for self-control. It is possible that this may cause infidelity on the part of your official companion.

Gemini: It seems as though things are going well in your love life. If you are unattached, you will meet an educated individual who could also be resourceful, but your feelings will be complicated as a result of this experience. It is recommended that you stay away from wearing black throughout this week due to the fact that it is considered to be unlucky.

cancer: This next week will be filled with happiness for married couples. Those who are not currently in a relationship will fall hopelessly in love with the person they admire.

Leo: It seems as though things are heating up in the romantic department for you. You will have some very small conflicts with each other, but ultimately, this will bring you closer together.

Virgo: There’s a possibility that you won’t agree on anything, but when some time has passed, you’ll realize that your dispute was actually essential. You will probably discuss the topic that everyone is talking about. Don’t worry, your friend will be there for you in the end when you really need them.

libra: The fact that your spouse understands you better than you know yourself is one of the greatest benefits of your relationship, and it will ensure that the scales remain in a healthy equilibrium for the rest of the week. Your partner’s capacity for understanding may be stimulated and increased as a result of your mood swings. Make an effort to be there for them as well. Nobody has a right to behave in an unacceptable manner without justification.

ScorpionLove is definitely in the air for you this week. Your friend or potential love interest will feel jealous if they see that you are getting a lot of affection from the ladies and men in your immediate area since it appears that you are attracting a lot of attention from them. However, you should approach this with a laid-back mentality. It will turn out well.

sagittarius: It looks like things are going swimmingly for you this week. For a change, there will be no romantic drama. Single people could also have the impression that they have dating opportunities.

Capricorn: The events of the first couple or three days of this week will set the tone for the rest of the week. How you and your spouse handle a specific delicate and emotional issue will determine how the rest of the time is spent.

Aquarius: If you turned down a proposal not so long ago, you could be having second thoughts about your decision. Your horoscope for the next week is full of stress that is not deserved in any way.

Pisces: It seems as though you have emotionally fortified yourself, and the fact that this has occurred may anger your companion as a result of the change. There is a possibility that you will need to deepen your meditative state.


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Weekly Love Horoscope | June 12-18 | Leo, Aries to face hiccups; Happy Marriage For Cancerians

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