A surprise of a heavy caliber.. A Spanish newspaper claims that Ronaldo wants to terminate his contract with Al-Nasr Saudi Arabia

A Spanish report detonated a heavy-caliber surprise, claiming that Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, the Saudi captain of Al-Nasr, wants to leave the “global” club next summer.

The newspaper claimedMundo Deportivo(Mundo Deportivo) Spanish club Cristiano Ronaldo can no longer bear life in Saudi Arabia, despite the fact that there are two seasons left until the end of his contract with Al-Nassr.

According to the newspaper, Ronaldo wants to leave the Saudi club only 5 months after his arrival in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, with a historic contract that extends for two and a half seasons, at a value of 200 million euros per season.

The newspaper went further, when it confirmed that the best player in the world 5 times believes that sports facilities and infrastructure are less than the quality available to players in European stadiums.

And in the event that Cristiano decides to leave officially, he is required to pay compensation to Al-Nasr club for the remaining two seasons in his contract, in compliance with the regulations for the player transfer system followed by the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA).

According to Article 17 of the FIFA regulations, the party that wants to terminate the contract is obligated to pay material compensation for the remaining period of the contract period.

On the sports side, Cristiano will face a 4-month suspension if his contract with Al-Nasr is terminated, which complicates his position on making a final decision.

These developments come hours before Al-Nasr match against Al-Shabab – today, Tuesday – at the top of the 28th round of the Saudi League.

Al-Nasr has no margin for error, given that it occupies second place in the standings table with 60 points, 3 points behind leaders Ittihad Jeddah, which in turn plays against Al-Batin 3 rounds before the end of the competition.

Since his arrival at the Saudi victory, Cristiano Ronaldo has played with Al-Nasr 17 matches in all tournaments, during which he scored 13 goals and provided 4 assists.

This is the second time that Spanish media have talked about the “Don”‘s desire to leave Saudi Arabia in the recent period.

The newspaper “El nacional(El Nacional) The Spanish published that “Madeira Rocket” wants to leave Al-Nassr next summer, and return to one of the clubs for which he previously played.

The newspaper stated at the time that Cristiano did not adapt to life in Saudi Arabia and wanted to return to Madrid, where he found comfort and lived the most beautiful moments of his personal and sporting life.

El Nacional expected that Cristiano would not last longer in Saudi Arabia, because he failed to adapt to the customs and atmosphere of the Kingdom, and the language barrier represents one of the biggest challenges facing the Portuguese star, according to the Spanish newspaper.

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