A survey showing the decline in the activity of senior Twitter users since Musk’s acquisition of the platform

show up reconnaissance Conducted by the American Pew Research Center, it reviews the posts of Twitter users who have been on Twitter since Elon Musk acquired the platform late last year.

The survey authors wrote that the tweets of “users, who were the most active before Musk’s acquisition, witnessed a significant decrease in the months following the acquisition, as the average number of tweets of these users decreased by about 25% per month.”

The survey showed that most of Twitter’s content is generated by a small group of power users. “Since Musk’s acquisition, 20% of adults have generated 98% of the tweets in the United States,” the study said.

He reported that about 6 in 10 adults in the United States who used Twitter in the past year had taken breaks from the service recently, and a quarter of the group indicated that they would not use Twitter a year from now, according to the survey.

The new data underscores the challenges facing Twitter’s new CEO, Linda Iaccarino, who will take over the ailing social media services.

The platform has lost a number of advertisers over the past few months due to concerns about the spread of racist and inappropriate content on the platform since Musk’s acquisition.

Iaccarino will need to repair relationships with Twitter advertisers and provide them with clear information about content moderation.

And Musk announced -V interview With CNBC – it has reduced the workforce by about 80% since its acquisition of Twitter, and it is now limited to about 1,500 employees on the platform.

“Tough times call for tough action, so there’s no doubt we shouldn’t have let go of some of the people we’ve recently been laid off,” Musk said.

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