An investigation reveals the mass graves of the Tantoura massacre in Palestine 1948

A committee of the residents of the displaced Palestinian village of Al-Tantura prepared a report identifying the locations of the mass graves of the massacre that took place in the village 75 years ago, some of which were previously unknown.

These results came after an investigation conducted by the committee in cooperation with Adalah Human Rights Center and foundation Forensic Architecture Over the course of a year and a half, it included an analysis of maps and a study of aerial photographs before and after the occupation of the village, as well as listening to many testimonies.

The committee identified 4 sites for mass graves, and said that its findings would establish a legal path with the aim of obtaining Israel’s recognition of the massacre and imposing the sanctity of those mass graves, allowing the families of the victims to bury them properly.

About 1,500 Palestinians lived in the village of Al-Tantura, south of the city of Haifa, before it was occupied by Zionist gangs on May 23, 1948, and a mass massacre was committed, in which more than 200 Palestinians were killed.

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