An Israeli missile exacerbates the tragedy of 5 disabled brothers in Gaza

When an Israeli missile hit the Nabhan family’s residential home in Gaza 4 days ago, no one died, but the family – which includes 5 disabled people among 45 members – became homeless.

For the five siblings – all of whom suffer from mobility impairments, muscular dystrophy and spasms, and three of whom use wheelchairs – the misery is compounded when belongings such as wheelchairs, medicines, beds and toilets are buried under the rubble.

According to a report by Reuters news agency, the family members now live with relatives near their home. Every morning their relatives carry them to the site of their home where people still stand to express their sympathy for the siblings’ horrific experience and some give the girls gifts.

Hanin, 16, who suffers from a disability in her legs, says, “This house exploded while we were getting out of it. Our chairs (wheelchairs) were inside, our containers (medicine) and our containers (our clothes), so there is no need for us.”

The others are 3, 18, 29 and 38 years old. Their relatives said that the moral damage of losing the house apparently led to the deterioration of the older brother’s psychological condition, as he became very tense and always screamed and sometimes cried.

A view from above of the remains of the building that housed the Palestinian brothers before it was bombed by the Israeli occupation (Reuters)

occupation attacks

According to officials from the Hamas movement – which runs the Gaza Strip – the latest round of Israeli air strikes – which began on the ninth of May – destroyed 15 residential complexes containing more than 50 apartments, and 940 buildings were damaged, of which 49 are not suitable for restoration. .

On May 13, Jalal, Hanin’s older brother, received a call from a private number, but he went out to make his cousin respond because he stuttered while speaking. The caller was an Israeli officer who ordered them to evacuate the house only 5 minutes before it was bombed.

Cousin Hossam Nabhan (45 years old) tried to stall with the officer and told him that there were disabled people in the house, but it was all to no avail, he said.

The mother, Najah, 57, says they could not take anything from the house, not even identity cards.

According to Reuters, the Gaza Strip is home to 2.3 million Palestinians in cities, towns and refugee camps confined to an area of ​​365 square kilometers. Israel and Egypt closed their borders due to security concerns.

Several wars and a 16-year Israeli-led blockade have crippled the Strip’s already ailing economy.

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