An uproar in Britain.. Will Sunak open an investigation with the Minister of the Interior?


mentioned The Independent newspaper (The Independent) Britain’s Prime Minister Rishi Sunak indirectly refused to support Homeland Security Minister Soyla Braverman after she was accused of asking civil servants to help her avoid getting “points” on her driver’s license for speeding.

According to The Independent, Sunak did not mention that he would request an investigation with Braverman (43 years), a measure demanded by the opposition, especially the Labor Party.

The Independent said that the journalists asked Sunak – during his presence in Hiroshima on the sidelines of the Group of Seven summit – does he have “full confidence” in the Minister of Homeland Security in his government? He replied that he did not know the full details of what happened, and that he had not spoken to her about it.

But a government spokeswoman said, “Indeed, the prime minister has full confidence in Soella Braverman.”

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For its part, said the newspaper Sunday Times (The Sunday Times) Soila tried to find a way out for her offense so that she would not have to attend a training course with other motorists herself, nor would she attend an online course where her name and face would be visible on camera to other participants.

When the civil servants refused to help the Minister of Homeland Security in implementing her plan, she resorted to a “political assistant” who tried to convince the presenter of the course to agree to what the minister suggested.

The Independent noted that the shadow Home Secretary, Yvette Cooper, stated that Soella had tried to use her position to circumvent normal sanctions.

The Sunday Times quoted a former public prosecutor as saying that Home Secretary Braverman, by trying to circumvent the law, is trying to “convince us that there is one law for Suela, and another for us.”


Soila Braverman had previously resigned last October from Liz Trace’s government because of her “technical violation” of government work rules, which was to send an official document from her private e-mail.

Braverman was known for her hostile stances against immigrants, knowing that she is of Indian origin, and her parents arrived in Britain via Kenya and Mauritius.

Last year, she caused a major uproar against her when she stated that her dream is to see a picture of a flight carrying asylum seekers from Britain to Rwanda, stressing that she will fight for this dream to come true.

After returning to the same position with the government of Indian-born Sunak, Soila was accused of resuming the policy of deporting refugees to Rwanda.

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