China receives poles of technology and the American economy..Will Washington bargain with trade to end its political crises?


After the successive visits of the heads of major US technology companies to China, many questions were raised about the significance of these visits, and the message that Beijing wanted to send from its reception of the technology and economic poles in the United States of America, and did it find in this way its way to fix what was spoiled by politics between the two countries.

The “Behind the News” program (17/6/2023) shed light on the statements made by Chinese President Xi Jinping during his meeting with the founder of the American company Microsoft, Bill Gates, where Xi considered that developing the relationship between his country and the United States lies with the two peoples, stressing At the same time, the importance of cooperation between the two countries, “which has been hampered by differences over human rights, Taiwan, security and technology,” he said.

In an attempt to explain the Chinese president’s statements, Victor Gao, Vice President of the Center for China and Globalization, considered that the matter is a “code word” in order to push major companies to pressure the Biden administration to reduce some tensions related to human rights, as well as Taiwan and military conflicts that are the basis of tension between relations. United States and China.

At the same time, Gao stressed that China itself is concerned with economic development, which requires cooperation with major global institutions, foremost of which are the giant American institutions in the field of technology and economy.

America and China

As for the journalist specializing in communications technology, Muhammad Ali Al-Suwaisi, he considered that the visits of influential American personalities in the field of technology and the economy carry a clear message that the world of technology in America has great relations with China, and the major technological companies do not support the impact of politics on the scope of their work, development and expansion in the world. .

On the American level, the former director of research on trade and industrial policies at the Economic Policy Institute in Washington, Robert Scott, considered that the visit of American technology and economic giants to China is important for these companies, since China is considered one of the largest global markets, especially since it has an appropriate environment that helped them expand Their members range and market their products in the world.

Regarding US concerns about China, he believed that what suits China and multinational companies does not necessarily serve the interests of US national security, noting that China must be confronted about its continuous exploitation policy and its lack of commitment to global trade controls.

It is reported that about two weeks after the visit of Elon Musk, head of Tesla, and less than 3 months after the visit of Tim Cook, General Manager of Apple, Microsoft founder Bill Gates arrived in China, where he met President Xi Jinping, who said that the United States and China can develop cooperation. In favor of the two countries, were it not for differences between them on human rights, Taiwan, security and technology.

These statements come in the midst of a trade war between China and the United States, which in turn coincides with political and military tension that the two countries seek to contain, through an upcoming visit by the US Secretary of State to China.


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China receives poles of technology and the American economy..Will Washington bargain with trade to end its political crises?

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