Djokovic.. the record iron man in the world of tennis


“I am the Iron Man” and “When I was a child I loved the Iron Man, so I try to imitate him.” Two statements in two press conferences, one of them fictional and the other realistic, separated by 15 years and 22 Grand Slam titles won by tennis player Novak Djokovic, the latest of which was the French Open yesterday. Sunday.

The first statement was made by Tony Stark, the fictional character who will later be known as “Iron Man”, who is embodied by American actor Robert Downey Jr.

The announcement came in a departure from the text prepared by the businessman’s team to avoid the appearance of his iron suit in public for the first time.

As for the second, it was made by the Serbian Djokovic after defeating Hungarian Marton Fuchovic, after the camera lenses detected – while he was changing his shirt during the match – the presence of a circular piece of metal on his chest, which immediately brought back to the minds of the followers the disc that Stark implanted in his chest to become the Iron Man.

“My team uses nanotechnology to help me do the best I can on the court. That’s the big secret of my career. I probably wouldn’t be sitting here without it,” Djokovic added during the press conference, in response to a question about the metal piece he is holding on his chest.

And apart from what some see as a sarcastic statement or an attempt to evade the answer to the question and the seriousness of the efforts to develop the “super soldier”, or rather in this case the super player, which does not seem completely excluded in light of the boom in technology that the Professional Association has already announced that it will replace referees The entire streak across all of his tournaments as of 2025, the similarities between Djokovic and Stark go beyond just the circular puck.

Both of them used to deviate from the script. The aforementioned press conference is one of the most prominent examples in the case of Stark. As for Djokovic, he sparked controversy by refusing to get vaccinated against the Corona virus, which prevented him from participating in the Australian Open and the US Open 2022.

He also stirred controversy in the current edition of the tournament after he wrote the phrase “Kosovo is the heart of Serbia” on a camera after winning a first-round match on the same day that 30 NATO peacekeepers were injured in clashes with protesters of Serb origin in the town of Kosovo. Zvecan is in Kosovo where Djokovic’s father grew up.

Serbian authorities said 52 demonstrators were injured in the clashes. Violent clashes erupted between Kosovo police and protesters opposed to the assumption of mayoralty by ethnic Albanian officials in regions inhabited by ethnic Serbs.

The similarities between them continue, as each does not hesitate to take what is necessary to achieve what he aspires to.

Djokovic and the health system

Djokovic followed, as media reported on his biography, a strict health system in which he gave up dairy products and foods containing gluten and relied heavily on vegetables, white meat, fish, fruits, nuts, seeds, chickpeas, lentils and healthy oils while reducing sugar as much as possible.

Djokovic believes that these changes are behind the massive transformation of his career from a player forced to withdraw from matches due to fatigue before his grand debut in 2011 to being the winning side in the longest-ever Grand Slam final, which he fought against Rafael Nadal in 2012 and took 5 Hours and 53 minutes, as well as maintaining a great physical condition, at the age of 36.

And Tony Stark stuck to the device implanted in his chest despite the severe health problems it caused to continue developing Iron Man. He even performed a suicidal maneuver in which he eliminated the evil Thanos in the movie (Avengers: Endgame) in 2019 when he said for the last time, “I am Iron Man.”

When Stark said it for the first time, Djokovic had won only one Grand Slam title, at the Australian Open. Now, 15 years later, Djokovic appears to be trying to emulate the iron man as he proceeds with an iron fist to win a men’s record 23rd Grand Slam title, breaking up the partnership with Spain’s Nadal.


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Djokovic.. the record iron man in the world of tennis

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