Dwayne Johnson and Tom Holland are the latest victims of depression and psychopathy in Hollywood

The American actor and former wrestler Dwayne Johnson, famous for “The Rock”, and the young actor Tom Holland, who plays Spiderman, spoke about the psychological problems they suffered during their lives, thus joining a long list of actors and stars who spoke transparently about their inner pain that contradicts the popular ideal of them. .

Holland, the hero of Marvel films, has spoken on previous occasions about the importance of mental health care, including in August 2022 when he announced Migrate him to social networking sites He talked about the negative impact of reading negative comments on various electronic platforms.

Tom Holland .. a new series that woke up a sleeping pain

Recently, Tom Holland talked about his role in the series “The Crowded Room” on “Apple TV”, which negatively affected his mental health, and he said in an interview with “EW” (EW) “I know the physical aspects of the job I do, like action movies require, for example, but I was surprised by the psychological effects and it took me a long time to recover from them and return again to reality.”

Holland indicated that it was difficult for him to separate himself from the character he presents in the series, which made him suffer from a “minor psychological breakdown” and he thought of cutting his hair in order to get rid of the character’s appearance, but he could not do so in the middle of filming, and he had to deal with the dramatic character. in a different way to escape from its controlling influence.

The actor credits his fellow actress, Sasha Lane, with helping him overcome some difficult moments, in addition to speaking with psychologists who gave him the tools to identify the triggers and things that stress him.

The Crowded Room is based on the true story, based on the 1981 novel The Minds of Billy Milligan, and tells the story of Danny Sullivan/Tom Holland, a shy, antisocial teenager from New York State who is arrested After the shooting at Rockefeller Center in 1979. Through a series of discussions with Detective Rhea Goodwin/Amanda Seyfried, Danny comes to a better understanding of his mental state, the relationships in his life, and the tragic events that led up to what he did.

The series stars Emmy Rossum as Danny’s mother, as well as Tom Holland and Amanda Seyfried. The first three episodes will be shown on Apple TV on June 9, and the next seven episodes will be broadcast weekly thereafter.

Dwayne Johnson.. the miraculous power to fight depression

Dwayne Johnson was never shy about showing his strength on the screen, but now the former professional wrestler shows his strength in a different way. He recently spoke about his experiences with depression and urged everyone to be honest about their mental health, and confirmed that his suffering with his mental health began years ago, but he did not He always had the words to express how he felt.

Johnson recently appeared on the “The Pivot” podcast, in which he revealed his suffering from depression for the first time when he suffered a shoulder injury that ended his career in American football, and he said, “I did not want to go to school, the interesting thing at that time, is that I did not “I didn’t know what I was going through, I didn’t know what mental health was, I didn’t know what depression was. I just knew I didn’t want to go through that again.”

And “The Rock” indicated that he had a second bout of depression after his divorce, and at that time he asked for help and realized the nature of what he was going through.

The Black Adam star shared a clip of his interview on Instagram and encouraged his followers in a similar situation to seek help.

“I’ve worked hard over the years to acquire the emotional tools to deal with any mental pain that might come to experience me,” Johnson wrote. “But years ago I didn’t know what mental health anguish was. If you’re going to switch to your own version of mental wellness and get rid of mental hell, the most important thing One thing you can do is talk to someone. It can’t be fixed if you keep this pain inside. Having the courage to talk to someone is your superpower. I lost two of my friends to suicide. Talk to someone. Despite how it may feel, You are never alone.”

Both Dwayne Johnson and Tom Holland preceded actress Angelina Jolie to talk about her psychological and mental troubles, which reached the point where Hire a hitmanA to end her life in a period of her life, before retracting this idea. These experiences shed light on the importance of raising awareness of maintaining mental health.

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