“Fingers on the trigger.” This is how Iran plans to respond to Israel’s military attacks

Tehran- The tone of threats and intimidation between Iran and Israel has escalated to a peak recently, which raises the regional public opinion’s fear of its transformation into military responses.

After Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu threatened that his country would always surprise Iran, an Iranian official responded by saying that any Israeli military attack on Tehran would be met with a broad and unprecedented response.

In the context, the head of the Military Intelligence Division of the Israeli occupation, Aharon Haliva, said that “Iran is the real threat to Israel,” adding during his speech at the “Herzliya” conference last Monday that “the confrontation with Iran has turned into a direct confrontation, and that the possibility of escalation that may It degenerates into war, not low.”

This comes days after the Lebanese Hezbollah carried out a military maneuver near the border with Israel. Israeli intelligence and military leaders commented on it by saying that “Iran is waging a war of attrition through its proxies in the region against Israel.”

And Iranian Security Minister Ismail Khatib spoke at the beginning of this month about great successes in directing strikes inside and outside Israel, explaining that these strikes were carried out in cooperation and coordination between the Iranian security services, without indicating the time and place of their implementation.

Diplomatic irony

For his part, the Iranian researcher in political affairs, Reza Sadr al-Husseini, describes the Israeli threat as a “political mockery,” explaining that “Tehran is fully prepared to respond to any possible American attack, which makes the response to the Israeli occupation a picnic for the Iranian forces and their allied forces.” as he put it.

In his interview with Al-Jazeera Net, Sadr Al-Husseini reads the escalation of Israeli threats against Tehran in the context of exporting the crisis – which has been haunting Netanyahu for months – abroad, and to divert the attention of the Israeli and international media from what is happening inside Israel on the political level, and the results of its recent war on the Islamic Jihad movement in Palestine. .

The Iranian researcher added that the Israeli threats against Iran are not new, ruling out that the Israeli occupation would dare to carry out the adventure for fear of its uncalculated results, stressing that Tehran puts its fingers on the trigger in order to ensure its national security and national interests.

He made it clear that his country has been working for years to adopt an offensive policy instead of the deterrence theory, and that it may remove the threat before it targets its national interests and national security.

exclude war

And whether Washington would allow Israel to attack Iran, the Iranian researcher ruled out that the United States would reassure Tel Aviv, based on the results of American friction with Tehran, especially in the two incidents of the Revolutionary Guards shooting down the American “Global Hawk” march over the Gulf waters in 2019, and the bombing of Ain al-Assad base in response. On the assassination of the commander of the Quds Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Qassem Soleimani, in early 2020.

For his part, military researcher Ali Abdi believes that the United States does not wish at the present time to open a new front in the Middle East, before the resolution of the Russian-Ukrainian war, stressing that the conditions of the American economy and Washington’s knowledge of the repercussions of any possible attack on Iran, keep the specter of war away from the region at the present time. current.

Speaking to Al-Jazeera Net, Abdi believes that the fortifications of Iran’s nuclear program and the spread of its facilities throughout the country make its destruction an impossible task for the Israeli entity, unless the United States enters with full force on the line, then it may be able to harm it.

A well done plan

Abdi explained that his country had prepared for any possible Israeli attack, and that it planned to resolve the battle within 3 days, by opening several fronts against the Israeli enemy from within the countries of the Arab Ring, and more than one front from long distances.

He pointed to the Israeli authorities’ recognition of the failure of the “Iron Dome” in confronting the rockets of the Palestinian resistance during the recent battle of “Revenge of the Free,” which necessitated the use of the “David’s Sling” system.

He said that Israeli officials should imagine the arrival of thousands of missiles with short and medium ranges, accompanied by swarms of suicide drones to disable their defense systems, to be followed by salvos of ballistic missiles from different directions, causing heavy losses in lives and military facilities.

In response to the Israeli threats to target Iranian nuclear sites, Abdi says that his country has prepared a bank of Israeli targets, and that the Israeli nuclear facilities are only a small part of them.

The spokesman concluded that Iran has prepared a precise military plan, coordinated with its allies in what he described as the “axis of resistance” and divided the roles in the event that Israel attacked its nuclear facilities, adding that the easiest link in the matter of attacking Iran is launching the first spark of war, so that the flame rolls after it with what Do not covet Israel.

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