He is 16 years old and Real Madrid signed him for 60 million euros. Why is Andrik missing the Palmeiras matches?


A Spanish report shed light on the suffering experienced by the Brazilian Andrique – the future deal of Real Madrid – with his current club, Palmeiras, which is represented in not including him in the main matches of the team.

Real Madrid signed Andrik, on December 15, 2022, for 60 million euros, provided that he officially joins the team in the summer of 2024 when he reaches the legal age (18 years).

The newspaper confirmeddem(marca) Spanish that Andrique appeared as a starter in the team’s first match in the Brazilian League, on April 15, 2023, and since that time he has not started any confrontation during 7 consecutive matches.

At the same time, Palmeiras coach Abel Ferreira contented himself with giving Andric a few minutes, which raised many questions about the reason for that, and also doubled Real Madrid’s concern about the possibility of his development, especially since the player is seen as one of the Brazilian stars coming to the arena. world football.

And the newspaper went further, by confirming that Andrique’s peers from the Palmeiras Academy get more minutes in the first team, compared to fewer minutes for the player who will move to the ranks of Real Madrid in the summer of 2024.

Andrik did not participate in his team’s last match against Curitiba, which ended with Palmeiras’ victory 3-1 in the ninth round of the Brazilian League, and he also followed from the stands the previous match, which was against Fortaleza in the local cup competition.

And according to Marca newspaper, Andrek is 100% ready to play the matches and does not suffer any injury, although he does not participate regularly.

And the newspaper confirms that Ferreira works very carefully with the case of Andrique, who suffers fluctuations in performance and does not play well in matches and does not appear in training at the required level.

And she adds, “In fact, there are no disciplinary reasons for Ferreira to punish Andrique, especially since the personal relationship between the two is very good, and the player is very popular among his colleagues in the dressing room.”

And she believes that by excluding the player from the recent matches, Ferreira seeks to deliver a message to 16-year-old Andrique, that he must make more effort in training and take things seriously.

Andrique participated mainly in the Palmeiras and Cuiaba match in the opening round of the Brazilian League, and scored his only goal so far after 5 minutes from the start, and that was the last match in which he started among the 11 main players.

In addition to the aforementioned, Andrique did not play any minute with Palmeiras in 7 full matches in all tournaments.


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He is 16 years old and Real Madrid signed him for 60 million euros. Why is Andrik missing the Palmeiras matches?

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