How to transform your home into a smart and more efficient home at the lowest cost?

Beirut- It is no longer impossible to transform the traditional home into a healthy, safe and sophisticated smart home without exorbitant costs, and it is managed through the use of applications and remote controls via the Internet.

You can transform your home into a residence that contains multifunctional systems, monitoring devices and sensors, and provides its residents with comfort and safety, as well as rationalizing energy consumption and facilitating the performance of various tasks.

According to interior designer Wissam Bayan, smart home technologies will gradually increase and “the need for them will increase to respond to the requirements of the digital age through a set of tools that can communicate with each other to keep the person in control of everything related to his home.”

Bayan believes that “it is not just a luxury or a luxury, as smart home devices will greatly facilitate lifestyles, by simplifying the use of complex electrical appliances. Some of them will also contribute to saving energy consumption and reducing monthly expenses in several areas, that is, Investing in smart home devices is a very good idea.”

Keyless technology keeps the home safe (Getty Images)

7 changes that can make a difference

And the interior designer – in her speech to Al-Jazeera Net – indicates several changes that can make a noticeable difference in transforming an ordinary home into a smart one, the most important of which are:

  1. Smart lock installation: It is an ideal replacement for mechanical locks and keys. Keyless technology keeps your home safe, whether you’re indoors or outdoors. Smart lock keys work with mobile device sync with the help of Bluetooth.
  2. Camera installation: Smart security cameras help you monitor the house even when you are away from it, as its installation can help you obtain the remote visual monitoring feature, as it sends alerts and warnings when any suspicious activity is detected in the rooms or at the door.
  3. Energy efficient smart bulbs: It helps in saving energy because it controls the lighting and its degree, and works according to the movement that occurs in its surroundings. It is also environmentally friendly and lasts longer than traditional lamps.
  4. Audio devices control: With the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence systems, various functions such as water leakage sensors, channel changes, etc. can be controlled using voice commands.
    Smart energy-saving lamps instead of traditional ones, with options to save energy and control lighting (Getty Images)
  5. remote control: The Universal Remote controls all devices through mobile phones, including dimming lights, controlling windows and other devices effortlessly.
  6. Advanced conditioner: It is a basic necessity in the Gulf, which is why a smart thermostat is being built that can reduce your energy bills by 15% or more.
  7. replacing Wall paper traditional with another digital: Which is expected to be one of the most important techniques used when planning home projects in the future. It is a simple and easy to use technology.

Intelligent robots for many tasks

The interior designer points out that smart robots have the ability to lift things and perform many tasks, such as folding clothes and cleaning windows and toilets. It can be controlled via the touch screen on it, as well as through voice commands and some programmed gestures.

Specialized companies undertake the process of transforming homes into smart homes, by placing a group of fixed control devices and touch screens on the walls, or mobile ones such as mobile phones or others, so that residents can monitor and control all electrical and electronic devices remotely, at reasonable prices and non-exorbitant costs.

Control devices using sound systems help set alarms, send text messages and answer all questions (Getty Images)

Steps to a very sophisticated home

According to a report published by “Living ETC” (livingetcThere are steps that you must take to make the house highly developed with the presence of artificial intelligence devices and smart technologies, the most important of which are:

  • Control devices using voice systems, such as “Alexa”, “Google” and “Apple Siri”, so that alarms can be set, text messages can be sent, and all questions will be answered with music playing.
  • If, for example, you face the problem of insomnia and waking up early, you can use smart curtains.
  • Smart lighting systems are among the products that give the home an elegant and modern touch.
  • Some of the tasks of the house can be delegated to devices such as smart vacuum cleaners, or robots, as mentioned above.
  • The smart refrigerator can be programmed to help you buy food online, which saves you a lot of time and effort.

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