In the event that Wagner’s involvement in supporting the Rapid Support Forces is proven, will Washington change its approach to the Sudanese crisis?


The former US ambassador to Sudan, Timothy Carney, suggested that his country would change its approach to the Sudanese crisis in the event that the Russian Wagner Group was proven involved in providing the Rapid Support Forces with surface-to-air missiles to confront the Sudanese army.

The US Treasury Department accused – earlier – the Wagner Group of providing the Rapid Support Forces in Sudan with “surface-to-air” missiles, in the context of the military confrontations that the Rapid Support Forces are waging against the Sudanese army. And she stressed that this step plunges the armed Russian group into what it called a “long conflict” that only leads to more chaos.

And regarding the possible repercussions of the US decision on Washington’s position on developments in Sudan, and on its role as a mediator in reaching a peaceful solution to the current military and political crisis; Carney said – in his interview with the episode (26/5/2023) of the “Beyond the News” program – that the United States of America “will be very careful and accurate in viewing the Rapid Support Forces as a partner that can be dealt with,” and if it is confirmed that the Rapid Support Forces used missiles provided to it by Wagner against the Sudanese army, or that it received training in this regard.

However, the American guest added that his country will continue to work with civilians in Sudan in order to reach a civilian transitional government in Sudan.

Regarding the truth of the accusation leveled by the US Treasury Department against Wagner, the former US ambassador to Sudan explained that his country does not have confirmed information about the type of missiles that Wagner is supposed to have provided to the Rapid Support Forces, and it does not have any reports, neither from Khartoum nor from other countries, that these forces were actually launched. Missiles against the Sudanese forces, pointing to many questions raised on this subject.

A prized catch for Wagner

In the opinion of Sudanese writer and political researcher Muhammad Turshin, Sudan is a valuable catch for Wagner and Russia, because of its geopolitical location and because of the wealth and gold mines, stressing the existence of close cooperation between Wagner and the Rapid Support Forces, as evidenced by the visit of its president, Muhammad Hamdan Dagalo (Hamidti), to Moscow in February. and last March.

What confirms that the support forces obtained ground-to-air anti-aircraft and specific weapons from Wagner and benefited from training, as Turshin adds – is the inability of the Sudanese army – led by Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan – despite its superiority in the air force; From achieving victories at the level of neighborhoods, hospitals and other areas where the support forces are present.

He said that Russia and Wagner have always relied on groups that control precious metals and natural resources, and this applies to the Rapid Support Forces in Sudan.

It is noteworthy that the ongoing conflict in Sudan since April 15 between the Sudanese army and the Rapid Support Forces has resulted in the deaths of hundreds, the displacement of more than a million people internally, and the flight of more than 300,000 people to neighboring countries.

Although the warring parties reached a truce mediated by Saudi Arabia and the United States on May 20, the clashes continued from time to time.

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