Intel plans to invest $4.6 billion in a chip facility in Poland


US chip giant Intel has announced that it intends to invest up to $4.6 billion to build a new facility in Poland that will provide about 2,000 jobs.

The company said in a statement that the new facility – which will be located in Wroclaw (southern Poland) – “will help meet the strong demand for assembly and testing that Intel expects by 2027.”

She added that the investment aims to help the European Union build a more resilient supply chain for semiconductors.

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki praised the announcement, stressing that the project is part of the “consolidation and consolidation of transatlantic cooperation” with the United States.

“From now on, with this investment from Intel, Poland will be a major part of the non-exhaustive supply system for these most advanced technologies,” Morawiecki told reporters in Wroclaw.

The European Union aims to produce 20% of global semiconductors by 2030, double its current output, and Intel has invested in chip facilities in Germany and Ireland.

The US company said its European locations will help with cost efficiency in the EU supply chain, and that it plans to produce chips worth 80 billion euros in Europe over 10 years.

Intel cited a delay in starting construction on its factory in Germany, partly due to inflation.

In this regard, the German Ministry of Economic Affairs said that it is looking forward to supporting the construction of the plant with additional public aid.

The announcement of the new investment comes after “Intel” recorded difficulties in the first quarter of 2023. And last April, the company announced a significant decrease in sales in the period from January to March. Due to the sharp decline in the demand for semiconductors, especially those used in computers.

Intel is one of the world’s leading semiconductor companies, making a wide range of products, including the latest generation of chips.


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Intel plans to invest $4.6 billion in a chip facility in Poland

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