It needs 48 planes to liberate its lands.. Ukraine is talking about an uprising against the Kremlin in Russian border areas


Ukrainian intelligence said that Russian border towns have become out of the control of the authorities in Moscow, noting that what it described as an uprising continues in border areas, while the Ministry of Defense said it needed 48 combat aircraft to liberate its lands under Russian control.

The official in the Ukrainian intelligence service, Andrei Yusov, said that some towns in the Russian border region of Belgorod are now out of the control of the Kremlin.

Yusuf added that there are areas that he will not name at this stage that have been abandoned by the Russian authorities, and he said that – what he called – the uprising in the lands of the Belgorod region is still continuing and gaining momentum.

However, he stressed, however, that “everything that happens in Russia is an internal Russian affair, and that Ukraine implements its plans within its territory only, and does not interfere in Russian affairs.”

Russia Freedom Corps

Meanwhile, an organization calling itself the “Russian Freedom Corps” published a clip showing a side of what it said were operations in the Russian province of Belgorod.

The pictures show the incursion of elements of the Legion into Belgorod, and the targeting of elements and vehicles of the Russian forces. The photos also document what the Legion said was the targeting of Russian soldiers who had taken refuge in residential homes in the district.

Also in Belgorod, the governor of the Russian province said that a drone dropped two explosive shells on one of the regions.

need for aircraft

In the context of the conflict with Russia, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense said – in a statement – that the Ukrainian army needs about 48 F-16 combat aircraft to liberate the territories occupied by Russia, according to the ministry’s statement.

On the other hand, the ministry announced that Canada will complete in the coming weeks the delivery of thousands of small arms and live ammunition that it donated to Ukraine.

The Ukrainian National News Agency quoted the Ministry of Defense as saying that the delivery of small arms and ammunition had already begun last April, including machine guns and assault rifles.

The ministry stated that in the coming weeks, one million bullets and about 5,000 assault rifles will be delivered.

Meanwhile, a spokeswoman for the German Defense Ministry said that the ministry had received a request from Ukraine in the past few days to hand over Taurus cruise missiles. The spokeswoman did not give any other details about the letter, such as the number of missiles that Kiev is requesting.

The battles continue

In the context of the battles, the pro-Russian Donetsk authorities announced that the Ukrainian forces targeted the vicinity of the Azovstal factory in the city of Mariupol with two long-range missiles, and the bombing did not result, according to the authorities, in any damage.

And the channel of the Ukrainian Mariupol City Council – on its account on Telegram – published videos of thick smoke rising from the factory, which the Donetsk authorities say was targeted by Ukraine.

Drone battles continue near Donetsk in eastern Ukraine, and the Associated Press said that the extent of the damage caused by the Russian bombing of Ukrainian cities has become more apparent.

The Ukrainian military intelligence had accused the Russian army of preparing for what it described as a major provocation at the Zaporizhia nuclear plant in the coming hours.

And the intelligence of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense said late on Friday evening that the Russian forces were planning to launch an attack in the area of ​​​​the Russian-controlled Zaporizhia nuclear plant, and then announce the leakage of radioactive materials and blame Ukraine.

In the latest developments related to Russia’s war on Ukraine, the Russian governor of Pskov announced that a two-pronged attack targeted an administrative building belonging to an oil refining station in the province near the border with Belarus.

The governor added that the explosion caused material damage to the building, but did not result in deaths or injuries.

On the other hand, the Ukrainian General Staff confirmed that the battles in the areas of Bakhmut, Avdiivka and Marinka, in the east of the country, are still continuing. The General Staff said that it had recorded 25 clashes with Russian forces during the last hours. It also described the Russian attacks on the outskirts of Bakhmut as a failure, announcing the repulsion of attacks on the cities of Avdiivka and Marinka.

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