Russian site: America will stop its support for Ukraine.. How does the failure of the current Ukrainian attack affect Biden and America?


The Russian “News Re” website tried to identify how the Ukrainian military successes and failures affected the position of Washington and the US President towards Kiev, saying that Joe Biden’s march must be affected by that.

Location explained -in a report By writer Matvey Zagoni – that Biden and America in general – represented by Congress – were generous in supporting Ukraine, and warned that all that could change in the event of Ukraine’s military failure in its war with Russia.

The site indicated that the Ukrainian attack, which was announced and promoted a lot, began in the Zaporozhye region, adding that this attack has so far resulted in heavy losses in manpower and military equipment, as it faced well-fortified Russian sites.

Biden’s reputation

The report attributed to the American newspaper “The Politico” saying that Biden’s reputation as well as future support for Ukraine depends on this attack, especially as it comes in the run-up to the 2024 elections.

The writer considered that Washington is trying to stop the flow of unpleasant news from Ukraine, confirming – through statements by John Kirby, the strategic communications coordinator in the National Security Council at the White House – that the losses in offensive operations were expected, stressing once again that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky will receive all necessary support. Not only from the United States, but also from its 50 partners.

The writer quoted Ivan Timofeev, program director of the Russian International Affairs Council, “Ryak”, as saying: “If the West and Ukraine fail to achieve their military goals, this will be a blow to President Biden, and part of the responsibility will fall on him,” stressing that the Republicans will be able to use the topic Possible failure against Biden and the Democratic Party.

The impact of policy toward Russia and China

Timofeev explained that the Republican Party is currently actively discussing the issue of armed conflict in faraway Ukraine, and its representatives are holding heated debates in Congress about anti-Russian and anti-Chinese tracks, as they can launch an attack on Biden based on the situation. The United States is mired in confrontation with Russia, and at the same time it cannot contain the rise of China, which is becoming an increasingly important player in the world.

The report said that America will withdraw from the Ukrainian issue in the event of the failure of that attack, and Biden himself – and contrary to his previous promises to support Kiev – will amend his position on the Ukrainian issue if that is required in his electoral competition.


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Russian site: America will stop its support for Ukraine.. How does the failure of the current Ukrainian attack affect Biden and America?

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