She was accused of insulting refugees.

In recent days, the game “Zafer Tourism”, which is accused of insulting refugees in Turkey, has spread on the “Google Play” store, at a time when the voices of some political currents are raising their voices against refugees..

The game released by the studio Gacrux Months ago, it was based on preventing refugees from approaching the border; The player must throw them at trucks traveling in the opposite direction of their path. If a certain number of them are allowed to cross, the player loses the game, and the flag at the top of the screen turns into a flag with drawings of refugees.

The name of the game – “Al-Zafer Tourism” – is similar to the name of the fictitious (Zafer Turizm) company that specializes in repatriating refugees.Middle East Eye Any relationship with the party or its president, Umit Özdağ.

The British website quoted those in charge of the game as saying, “Our game has nothing to do with Umit Ozdag… but we would have played on the name (the fictitious company he launched).”

In January 2023, Ozdag published a video clip of the campaign, calling on Turks to donate by purchasing cards to deport refugees, saying, “Our ticket sales for (Al-Zafar Tourism) trips have started in one direction to Damascus. Write the name you want to send and let us reserve a seat for him.”

In the advertisement, citizens wishing to return the refugees lined up to donate and buy tickets to depart for Damascus for a number of Turkish personalities known for their defense of refugee issues, such as journalist Nagihan Alchi and journalist Abd al-Rahman Ozen, along with activist The Syrian Muhammad Hamo, who obtained Turkish citizenship.

Ozdag’s photo also appears on the “Al Zafar Tours” bus.

“Gackrox” officials attributed the controversy surrounding “Al Zafar Tourism” to the word “refugees” that appears in some of the images and the accompanying description of the game on Google Play, stressing that they did not encourage “racism, discrimination or crime” in any of the games they had previously introduced. .

The game description reads, “Protect your borders, don’t let them pass. Focus on the target and fire (the catapult). Leave the rest to the trucks.”

And she was Zafer Tourism Available via the Google Play Store For electronic applications until the evening of Tuesday, May 23, however, those in charge of “GaCrocs” removed them and promised to re-introduce them after deleting what is related to refugees.

As for the Google Play store, he said to the Syrian journalist Hussam Hammoud, when he objected to allowing “Gacrox” to publish the “Al Zafar Tourism” game, “It doesn’t look good, Hussam. We take these complaints seriously and appreciate your contact with us. Please send us a message.” your feedback so our team can investigate.”

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