The Ben Ali regime arrested him for 20 years.. The Tunisian authorities arrested the former head of the Ennahda Movement, Sadiq Choro

The Tunisian Ennahda movement announced in a statement this evening, Thursday, the arrest of the movement’s former president, Sadiq Choro, who spent 20 years in the prisons of the late President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali’s regime, most of which were in solitary confinement.

Radio Mosaique said that a security unit specialized in combating terrorism arrested the leader of the Ennahda Movement and former member of the Constituent Assembly, Sadiq Choro, pending research on a case of “terrorist nature” at the judicial pole for combating terrorism.

Ennahdha leader Riyad al-Shuaibi said, in a post on Facebook, that the security services took Choro to an unknown destination, without enabling him to communicate with a lawyer or his family so far.

A few days ago, a Tunisian court ruled a one-year prison term, in addition to paying a fine, against the head of the Ennahda Movement, Rashid Ghannouchi.

It is noteworthy that Shuru was under investigation in what was known as the issue of “deporting young people” to hotspots of tension, and he was kept on release.

Al-Sadiq Choro – a university professor in chemistry – previously assumed the presidency of the Ennahda movement in the nineties and spent 20 years in the prisons of the regime of the late President Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali.

After the Tunisian revolution, Choro was elected to the Constituent Assembly on behalf of the Ennahda Movement, before retiring from politics for health reasons 9 years ago.

Since last February 11, the Tunisian authorities have carried out a campaign of arrests (arrests) that included leaders and activists in the opposition, which considers the exceptional measures a coup against the constitution of the revolution (the 2014 constitution) and the consecration of absolute individual rule, while another team sees them as a correction of the course of the 2011 revolution, which toppled President at the time, Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.

Ennahda and the rest of the opposition forces usually deny the accusations against their leaders, and consider them political persecution, at a time when President Qais Saeed accused detainees of “conspiring against state security.”

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