The means of communication.. the way to the aging of the mind


Many decades before the emergence of communication networks, Jean-Paul Sartre wrote a play revolving around the idea that “hell is the other”, so what do you think he would have written if he lived through these networks?! Centuries before Sartre, Jalal al-Din Rumi said: “There is a fountain inside you… so do not walk around with an empty bucket.” Unfortunately, today we see those who wander for hours with empty buckets in those platforms, not paying attention to what they put inside them.

Minds do not age with age, as many believe, but rather by stopping nourishing them with what is useful, and if they do not expand, they narrow and old age creeps into them, and nothing does that more than the scum of those platforms that leaves no room for useful food.

The worst thing is that the mind is deprived of food, that its appetite declines for it, and that a person sees what benefits from food as excessive seriousness or depression that reduces the pleasures of life, and his motto becomes “Why tire your mind when you can rest it?”, And he chooses instead of preoccupying himself with pursuing life Others, so life leaks from his hands by his will while he is unaware or ignoring.

Passion and pride

Shams al-Tabrizi says: “Do not accept a life that you are not passionate about.”

And we add to the wonderful saying of Tabrizi: Do not accept wasting part of your life pursuing what kills your passion in your life, weakens your mind and makes old age creep into it and take away from it even if you are 20 years old, because the aging of brains has nothing to do with age, the mind grows old when it stops its role in “leadership” the life of its owner, and leaves it “permissible” to others on social media platforms, who abound in “gossip” about matters that do not benefit people.

The first step usually begins with curiosity or boredom, as these two feelings push us to explore what is new, even if it is harmful, just as the addiction journey begins with curiosity to explore a different experience, or to escape from a painful reality that crowds his mind with questions, so one throws himself into the whirlpools of non-stop chatter. He exhausts his mind with his hands instead of resting him, and implicates himself in thinking about what does not concern him or arguing about what does not benefit him, depleting his mind in disputes and arguments that push him to premature old age.

And a person would have no need for that if he cherished his mind and quickly jumped away from what he did not like.

I agree with Naguib Mahfouz when he says: “Do not be too idealistic, otherwise you will die of disgust.” This is what we do ourselves when we believe the false idealistic models of the stars of social networks that present things that are absurd, such as asking some of them for advice on matters that are easy for any child to solve, or to believe Excessive hypocrisy and crude praise that is heaped on very ordinary words, or drifting behind the frantic pursuit of many people to get attention, even through psychological nudity and publishing very personal details about their lives in order to seek follow-up, or by stealing other people’s posts and attributing them to themselves, and much more.

And I disagree with Al-Akkad when he said: “I read trivial books to know how frivolous people think.” I disagree first because we refuse to look arrogantly at others, no matter how much we disagree with them, and secondly because our lives, no matter how long they are, are short, and it is not smart to waste a second of them knowing what harms our minds, which are our true capital in life. Life, which if it decreases, we live withering away, no matter how loud our laughter is, the number of followers, and the likes multiply.

The mind ages by being exhausted by issuing judgments on that content and the comments attached to it, which we think are a measure of public opinion, forgetting that there is a silent majority that does not have the enthusiasm to participate by expressing its opinion.

emptiness and herd

I support Robin Sharma’s saying: “We live in a world where many of us have friends on the Internet, but in reality we have lost true human communication.” The advantage of human communication is that it develops the desire for real life and utters the falsehood that is spread fiercely on the means of communication, and it also allows us to enjoy psychological breaks And a mentality that renews the life of our souls and prevents emptiness of all kinds and details that drain lives, so we resist following the herd, and all of this happens on communication platforms.

The drum has a loud sound because it is hollow from the inside, and yet it has an attraction due to its illusion of a presence that is stronger than its reality. That is why some are deceived by a life full of noise, but they feel pain when they see its emptiness from the inside, in contrast to what he feels when he fills his life with what enlightens his heart and mind.

George Bernard Shaw says: “If a fool reads a lot of stupid books, he will turn into an annoying and dangerous fool, because he will become stupid and self-confident, and herein lies the disaster.” Instead, he searches hysterically for what supports his ideas that conflict with the mind, and if he does not find it, he analyzes the sayings of some wise men to give them “credibility” and gives himself “false instruments of distinction”, all in pursuit of temporary praise that people soon forget and distract them from concerns, or ridicule From him in their councils, even if they praise him in the space of social networks.

“Positive curiosity” benefits the minds and pushes them to knowledge and broadens the horizon where mature interests take the hand of its owner for the best, and “negative curiosity” deprives its owner of every characteristic that might make him better, so it preoccupies him with controversy about what is not useful, or following scandals and news of famous people or repeating rumors and fighting battles in her defense.

The means of communication must remain “means of communication”, and not platforms for surrendering to everything that is published on them and believing them without thinking, and if it is said that “one of the destructive things for the soul is your attachment to someone who does not deserve you”, then I say that one of the destructive things for the minds is to leave the soul a permissible prey to the means of communication and deprive it of Clinging to what you deserve.


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The means of communication.. the way to the aging of the mind

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