The story of the alleged “sexual abuse” of players from the Iraqi youth national team in Argentina


The Iraqi national youth team participating in the FIFA U-20 World Cup held in Argentina has denied “accusations received wildly” against the national team of sexually assaulting a female worker in a hotel where the players are staying.

A policeman responsible for the security of the Iraqi team obtained a testimony from a young worker in the hotel restaurant, who confirmed that the Iraqi team members had molested in an indecent manner – last Thursday – according to the report of the De La Plata Police (60 km from the capital, Buenos Aires), which was published by several Argentine newspapers.

The director of reception at the hotel, who was heard by the Argentine policeman, gave his testimony that the members of the Iraqi team “walked in their underwear in the corridors of the hotel, and deliberately activated the fire alarm system,” and added that similar behaviors “we had not seen before in the hotel.”

The police report quoted a security official as saying that members of the mission “misbehaved with a local interpreter” and “disabled the hotel’s elevator by carrying excessive weight.”

Late on Saturday evening, the Iraqi national team administration denied the accusations in a video clip broadcast on the Iraqi Football Association’s social networking sites.

“Unfortunately, the team members have been accused of sexual harassment,” Nadim Karim, the team’s managing director, said via video.

“I accompanied the delegation two years ago, and we participated in more than one training camp in resorts, whether in Antalya or in Spain,” explaining that “despite the extent of freedom” that was available there, “we were not subjected to such accusations.”

Karim stated, “If such a disgraceful act, unfortunately, really existed, the video would now be circulating in the whole world,” adding, “Today we are in 2023, and all people are monitored, in all sites, streets, and hotels, all of which are monitored with cameras.”

The managing director considered that the accusations of the “management of the hotel” in which the Iraqi national team’s delegation resides, of carrying out sabotage and assault practices, came “in response to the delegation’s insistence on changing the hotel,” which lacks “all the requirements… of amenities,” such as a sports club, and is far from the site. drills.

The Under-20 World Cup competitions began yesterday, Saturday, and the tournament competitions will continue until June 11, with the participation of 24 teams.

Iraq, the runners-up of the Asian champions, signed in Group E, along with Uruguay, England and Tunisia, and will play its first match tomorrow, Monday, against “The Celeste”.

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