Vinicius played twice the matches of Ronaldinho at his age.. “Fifpro”: The mental health of the players is in danger


The International Federation of Professional Footballers warned “Fifpro(fifpro) the risk of increasing the number of matches in the future on Health status The physical and mental players.

In conjunction with the end of the 2022-2023 season, Fifpro published a report in which it touched on the negative effects on the health of the players, especially since the season ended was the busiest in the match schedule.

The report, published on Fifpro’s official website, stated, “Those responsible for football championships ignore the players’ health condition in favor of expanding competitions, which leads to increased revenues.”

Fifpro explained that due to the new system for the Champions League and Club World Cup, which is scheduled to be implemented starting from the 2024-2025 season, some players in the largest and most successful clubs will play 89 games per season, an increase of 11%.

“Although some players are forced to retire early, there are no signs of a solution to protect them. The 24-25 calendar will put more pressure on their health,” the statement said.

“We must all protect these players and accelerate the implementation of measures that look after their health and well-being.”

For his part, FIFPro President David Aganzo said, “The health and safety of footballers and everyone else in the game must be everyone’s priority.”

And he added, “It is very important to take those measures that we called for previously to protect players from mental or physical injuries. We are ready to resume working with football officials to improve conditions for players.”

Fifpro confirms the right of players to enjoy compulsory rest during the football season and beyond, in addition to reducing the number of matches and reducing travel periods.

The report reviewed the number of minutes played by many young football stars at the present time, compared to what their peers played at the same age in the past.

He pointed out that the Brazilian Vinicius Junior (Real Madrid player), at the age of 22, participated in 18,876 minutes with the club and the national team, which is twice what his compatriot Ronaldinho played at his age.

Pedri also played 12,000 minutes with Barcelona and the Spain national team at the age of 20, 25% more than the number of minutes played by his current coach, Xavi Hernandez, at that age.

As for Frenchman Kylian Mbappe (Saint-Germain star), he played nearly 26,952 minutes at the age of 26, 952, an increase of 48% more than his compatriot Thierry Henry at the same age, while Jude Blingham, who recently moved to Real Madrid, played 30% more minutes. From compatriot Wayne Rooney at the same age.


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Vinicius played twice the matches of Ronaldinho at his age.. “Fifpro”: The mental health of the players is in danger

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