Vzglyad: China rejects the idea of ​​an alliance with Russia for these reasons



male a report It was published by the Russian newspaper Vzglyad that Western experts have been describing Russian and Chinese relations as the “alliance”, and that it is the largest undeclared union in the world, while Russian media describe it as a major point of strength that hinders the desire of the United States to maintain global hegemony.

The report added that China formally adheres to the policy of not joining military-political alliances.

He explained that Beijing, despite its commitment – for example – to protecting North Korea from external threats, it excludes the establishment of a military-political alliance with Pyongyang and with other countries – including Russia – for various reasons.


According to the report, throughout history, China has been dominant in East Asia, and has always considered itself the center of the world and does not accept entering into any kind of equal alliances. In return, it created relationships based on loyalty with neighboring countries.

Vezglyad quoted Dmitry Suslov, deputy director of the Center for Comprehensive European and International Studies at the Russian Higher School of Economics, as saying that the relationship of “cooperation” between China and the Soviet Union began in 1950, when the two sides concluded the Treaty of Friendship and Bilateral Cooperation.

After that, there was a great bilateral cooperation between them on the military level that did not reach the extent of the alliance, as a great disagreement occurred between them and tension due to the border conflict between them.


Suslov added that China believes that alliance treaties limit its freedom to maneuver foreign policy, as it demands commitments that it is indispensable, and because of which it may be forced to intervene in conflicts that it does not want to be involved in.

As for now – Vizgliad continues – in addition to the extension of its power in East Asia, it is sweeping the Middle East, Africa and Latin America through economic and diplomatic mechanisms, which negates its interest in exacerbating relations with the great powers there, whoever they are.

Alliance alternatives

The report indicated that the establishment of any alliance between Beijing and Moscow would directly mean the deterioration of China’s relations with the United States and Europe, and would force Beijing to participate in the war in defense of Russian lands.

According to Suslov, China – instead of the alliance – concludes agreements of a different kind that do not oblige it to protect countries, but enable it to establish military bases.

China has also concluded many agreements on military-technical cooperation with Moscow, enabling it to obtain Russian technologies in the field of air defense and aircraft engines, and what it needs to develop its military-industrial complex.

The report stated that the formation of alliances makes Beijing obligated to apply some dictates, while Suslov said that Beijing has always confirmed its unwillingness to hegemony, and presented itself as a developing country that does not seek hegemony in the region, and therefore it does not seek to establish alliances.

In addition, China takes a lesson from history and realizes that it was the “bloc” approach that led the world to major wars.

Russia too?

The report pointed out that Moscow, in turn, calls for an approach that is not based on bias and the establishment of a multipolar world.

Hence, it does not pay much attention to establishing a close military-political alliance with China, because this obliges it to participate in the Chinese conflicts over the disputed territories, that is, in the conflict not only with Japan but also with India and Vietnam.


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Vzglyad: China rejects the idea of ​​an alliance with Russia for these reasons

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