Asia Cup 2023: Pakistan will host the Asia Cup, two countries together!

Internet desk. Asia Cup is hosted by Pakistan and India is not ready to play there. In such a situation, there have been different talks about organizing the Asia Cup for a long time. Sometimes it is said that the Asia Cup will not be held in Pakistan, sometimes it is said that India’s matches will be held at a neutral venue. But now there is a big relief news for PCB.

According to the information, there are reports that the Bangladesh Cricket Board and the Sri Lanka Cricket Board have agreed on the new hybrid model of the PCB. It is being told that the Asia Cup tournament will now be divided into two parts.

The first round matches will be hosted by Pakistan, India will not play in this round. At the same time, the Indian team will play against them in the second round and the final match of the tournament will be held at a neutral venue. If media reports are to be believed, officials associated with BCCI are saying that they have not seen any such proposal so far. But some changes are possible in the coming days.

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