Sports News: England’s ‘baseball’ strategy won’t always work – Waugh


Sydney. Australia legend Steve Waugh has issued a stern warning to England ahead of the Ashes series, saying their ‘baseball’ strategy could backfire if they don’t have an alternative plan to win at all costs.

Under the leadership of coach Brendon McCullum and captain Ben Stokes, England have won 11 out of 13 Test matches with the help of the ‘baseball’ strategy. England’s batsmen bat aggressively even in Test matches under the ‘baseball’ strategy. Former Australian captain Waugh believes that this move will not always work.

He told ‘’, “There is a big question mark on the ‘baseball’ strategy. What is the team’s alternative plan? “England have shown they are good enough to play this style of cricket, but their real test will be against a world-class bowling attack,” he said. will be Australia has such a bowling attack.

The five-Test Ashes series will begin on June 16.

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Sports News: England’s ‘baseball’ strategy won’t always work – Waugh

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